How To Find Free Business Logo Templates

A logo represents the corporate identity of a company and facilitates easy recognition of a business, product or service. Color is an integral part of any logo and is used to convey the emotion and character of a company, in much the same way as shapes do. In this day and age, simple, vibrant and bold logos are prevalent. For some, just the interplay of colors and basic shapes can stand out among the rest and be an easily recognizable corporate identity.

There are many business logo templates that you can download and use for free. With minimal editing and addition of text and basic shapes, you can have an effective logo that will save you lots of money from having a logo custom-made. Of course it is very probable that your free logo may look similar to some other companies and brands that have taken the same route as you did. Here are some sites you can visit to get some free logo templates.

  1. Vector Portal. This site has an extensive database of logo design templates. Operating under the Creative Commons Attribution License, the templates they have are free to use, provided by members of the graphics community. Even professional designers look for inspiration from Vector Portal and some have used the designs available and edited and enhanced them to better suit the business owner. Their logo templates can be used for business cards, company stationery, advertisements, websites, and others. The use is subject to their terms and conditions. They are free for personal and commercial use, but must not be sold under any circumstances.
  2. Website Spot. You can download some free logo templates from this site. The templates are provided in .PNG and .PSD file formats that can be edited by using Adobe Photoshop and other graphic editing software.
  3. Interspire. This company is basically focused on the development of content management, shopping cart, email marketing software, and knowledge management. Selected logo templates are available for free from this website, subject to their terms and conditions. The site is based in Western Australia. Some more designs are available from My Free Templates, a product of Interspire.
  4. Logo Templater. You can download free logo set templates from this site, courtesy of site owner Vlastimil Svoboda, who has a logo design atelier. The logo sets are for personal use only. The site owner requests that those who download the free logo templates can provide a link to his site whenever possible.
  5. Big Webmaster. There are several logo and corporate identity templates available as free downloads. The designs are free to use for personal purposes only and not meant for redistribution. Use of the free logo templates is subject to some restrictions imposed by the design owners.
  6. Free PSD Logos. The site offers several logo design templates that you can download and customize. As the name suggests, all the templates that are available are done and can be edited using Adobe Photoshop. Use of these free templates is subject to some imposed restrictions to protect intellectual property rights of the designer.

For a small business short on budget, free logo templates can be the answer to create simple, basic business logo for its corporate identity. There is still a wide variety to choose from in modern shapes and colors. The only customization you may need to do is to add your company name.


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