How To Find Free Downloads for Attendance System Software

Attendance management has always been the bane of every office administrator and payroll clerk. Many wish that there were a form of attendance system software out there that can be an attendance recorder and verifier at the same time. Issuing attendance cards for checking employee attendance are obsolete and fraudulent to the extent that high security companies have turned to using attendance fingerprints.
Since some institutions cannot afford such sophisticated technology in checking their staff's attendance, smart managers must know how to find free downloads for attendance system software to benefit their companies. It will cost the company nothing but will simplify attendance management using technology.

  1. Time Live. This freeware is a web-based collaboration tool for project administration and bug trailing. It can also be utilized as an employee timesheet to check on staff attendance, issues and expenses. Its hosted (ASP) version comes with unlimited storage. It is not versatile as other programs but if attendance checking and payroll is all you need, this works well.
  2. TBS Attendance Tracker. This shareware tracks the time that your people get off from work, and will spot staff members who take Mondays or Fridays off from work. This version also allows the user to track the hours that their employees do work. Great for managers whose people engage in flexible time schedules.
  3. Gradience Attendance v.10. This highly rated shareware not only tracks attendance, schedule vacations, and document other calendar-based tasks – it also identify persistent absenteeism. It allows you to produce and store documents to support disciplinary action. This software is an efficient way to document employee performance.
  4. Attendance Management System v.4. This is the most common shareware in the web. It creates attendance reports for the organization or for a particular individual. It also manages member database by linking it through membership forms and attendance sheets. This is a very versatile program that takes up very little space in your hard drive.
  5. Be Punctual System. This is another shareware that allows you to choose which kind of attendance management software you need. You would initially have to install the Server Software and then download the rest of the system that includes Staff/Group Punch Station and Manager Station to check people reporting for work.
  6. Easy Time Control Software. An ideal business solution on a trial basis, this software interacts to all accessible payroll systems and permits organizations or individuals to electronically assemble and trace real time workforce data and streamline payroll system.

The Internet is a treasure trove of shareware and freeware for attendance system software. You have to choose which kind of program to download. Sharewares are mostly licensed programs on a trial basis while freeware is unlimited software that might contain bugs that needed fixing from their designers. Most of the software listed here are initially free until they expire. Upon expiry, most of the data, especially those that are web-based, cannot be retrieved. Either way, select one that fits your company needs, needs minimal system requirements and has good reviews from the users that downloaded it.


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