How To Find Free Movie Maker Downloads

Simply speaking, a movie maker is the easiest and fastest way to make movies and slide shows through a series of photos and videos. As such you can use it for your presentations, post it online, or show it off in your CD and DVD players without much hassle and difficulty. 

Aside from the software that's readily included in your computer software package, there are also Windows movie maker and movie software that you can download from the net. To find free movie maker downloads online, all you need to do is to surf the World Wide Web. Long and wide arrays of online downloads are readily available for you to download and install in your computer, fast and easy. 

To make your search easier, here's a list of sites that you can check out to find the Windows movie maker software that you need be it for movie making, movie editing or simply for presentations.

  • Download.Cnet. Windows movie maker from Cnet is suitable for the Windows XP system. It comes with an editor's rating and average user's rating for users to check. With its Quick specs feature, the needed information regarding the software's specification can be easily checked.
  • Free downloads center. This site offers free downloads for various applications aside from movie maker programs and software. You can check out downloads for business, games, information management, multimedia and graphics, network and Internet, programming and web authoring. One of the movie maker programs that you can check out from their long array of products is the Free Movie DVD Maker 3.1 version. It is a movie DVD maker that can convert all video formats and effects to DVDs and have it burned on DVD+R/-R, DVD+RW/-RW and DVD-5/9 discs without sacrificing quality. Conversion and burning can be done with much ease along with video trimming and editing.
  • With Windows movie maker from Microsoft, home movies can be easily done for your personal photos and videos or your favorite online or movie clips. Movie maker from Windows can make, edit and share movies on your own computer. All it needs are a few clicks, drags and drops. Editing can also be done to remove the shots or videos that you don’t want to include. Movies done can be downloaded to the web, CD, USB or movie and video phones. By using other programs, you can turn the movies you made and edited into DVDs, which you can play, and share on TV, camera or the computer itself. 
  • This site offers downloads not just for Windows but also for mobile, games, widgets and blogs. Their movie maker downloads are suited for Windows ME and NT operating systems. Users can also give their own ratings regarding the products and services.
  • Street Directory. Aside from the free downloads, this site also comes with free information that you can use as guide in installing and using the Windows movie maker.

So there you have our short list of where to find free movie maker downloads online. Aside from the movie maker, there are also other movie editors that you can find online without spending a single cent. Those websites also offer other movie maker products that you can check out and compare. 


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