How To Find Free Search Engine Optimization Software and Tools

Search engine optimization is one of the booming enterprises that will allow you to make money from the Internet. By becoming an SEO expert, you can help web page developers and site owners to promote and maintain their site, allowing greater web traffic and more opportunities for site owners to generate income, all while allowing you to get your fair share of money from cyberspace. To help you make the best of search advertising and search ranking here are several free search engine optimization software packages and tools.

  1. PageRank. The PageRank toolbar created by one of Google’s founders can be downloaded and easily installed in your web browser to allow you to determine how well your optimization site, or the site that you are working on in terms of search engine optimization, is faring. The PageRank toolbar will display snapshots of how many sites are backlinked to your webpage. Keep in mind, however, that the PageRank toolbar has an internal rank that will be updated and shown on the toolbar only after several days or weeks. It remains, however, a good indicator of how well your site is connected with other relevant sites, which in turn is a good indicator of the web traffic that your site will generate, as well as how far up the search results page your website will appear.
  2. Link Domain by Yahoo. To help you measure site submission and the number of sites linked to your web pages, try the Link Domain service provided by Yahoo. The best feature which this service offers is that it allows you to not only gauge your own backlinks, but also helps you check out the types of backlinks that are connected to you. Keep in mind that backlinks, which are connected to bad sites such as scam sites, can get your site the dreaded spam mark. This tool will also allow you to view the backlinks of your competitors. It can even provide you with suggestions on which types of backlink opportunities you may want to engage in.
  3. Rank Checker. Search ranking is another focus of SEO professionals. When a search engine returns the result for a query, the results are arranged in a sequence. The higher up the sequence your site is, the better the chances that the site will receive traffic, especially since most users do not go beyond the third or fourth page of search results. To see which sites are ranking high, use Rank Checker that is updated frequently from the databases of major search engines.
  4. Google Webmaster Tool. For the all-in-one tool to help you with optimization, however, there is the Google Webmaster Tool, which can be downloaded from Google. These will provide you with a variety of features that can measure useful information such as natural search advertising trends and search submit queries that are most popular. Because Google is one of the leaders in the SEO industry, you can be sure that the results are also updated regularly. 

With these free search engine tools, getting your job as an SEO specialist done, while remaining on budget, is easy.


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