How To Find Free Video Conversion Software

You got your home theater system ready and popcorn served hot with butter. You clicked “Play” and BAM! Instead of the video playing, an error message pops out. Take note that most of the computer edited videos from the Internet do not run readily with available software installed on PCs. If you encounter this problem the first thing to do is check if the video you are playing is compatible with the playable format of your device. If it is not compatible, you have to convert it.

Numerous free software conversions can be found on the Internet. Here are some tips on how to find free video conversion software:

Identify the problem. Is it your MP5 player, video camera, Windows Media Player, Winamp player or your mobile phone? Take note that these devices or software have their own particular formats of video files, which they can streamline and play. Jot down the error messages that you encounter as they provide insights on how and to which format they should be converted.

Search. Open any search engine of your choice (e.g.,,, and key in ‘free conversion software’. Hit Enter.

Compare. The results will show names of websites where you can get this software for free. The ones on top of the search results are more reliable sources while the ones at the bottom of the page are redundant and complicated. Browse on the top sites, read the user reviews and check the software functions and other related-content. There are some links that reflect Top 5 or Top 10.  Choose these high-ranking conversion software.

Download. Prior to downloading, be certain that your antivirus software is turned on and up to date. Downloading multiple files is fine as long as your Internet connection is fast and efficient.

Test. Take a sample video file and try converting from the old format to another format. For instance, convert WAV to AMR format, MPG to 3GP or vice versa. Remember to back up any video files that you wish to test-convert. Anything may go wrong, so it is better to keep copies on hand. If you find something undesirable with the software, you can email the software developers so they can give you their expert advice.

Transfer. 3GP, AMR and MPEG are video files in Apple OS, mobile phone and video DVD/CD respectively. After the conversion, transfer the converted files into the devices, which they are formatted to run.
Repeat. If you clicked too many links and the computer is going mayhem such that you are not getting clear results, stop and repeat the entire procedure.

Remember to uninstall any software that you deem to be complicated, irrelevant, weak or useless. Keep the ones that work to your end. For recommendation, try out this link

In finding free video conversion software, you should exercise utmost precaution at all times as unwanted programs might penetrate your system. Also, back-up any video files that you need to convert as a security measure.


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