How To Find Free Windows Media Software

There are plenty of ways to get free Windows media software. Here's how to download and find some of these free Windows media software programs.

Basically, you can simply type up "free software" in your Google home page and hit search. This will immediately give you numerous sites where you can download any media freeware. It would be best to ask your friends for recommendations on which sites they usually visit and download from. Through this, it would be less likely for you to have media problems once you download and install the program to your computer. And also, to save your time and your bandwidth, you can ask your friends if they have downloaded any of the media software or pocket software that you are eyeing. You can ask them to give you a copy through a blank media so you won't have to wait hours until it finishes downloading.

Usually, once you open a site, you will be given a general and various set of things to download. To make it specific, you can type "Windows media" in their respective search boxes and start your search. This will then filter your choices and you will not have to search their entire database to look for that specific media software.

Some of the most popular websites that Google will return to you would be the following:,,, and lastly, Of course there are plenty of sites that you can try and might like other than these.

  • is a very organized website. It has different categories of different media software like file sharing, messaging and chat, anti-virus, audio and video, CD and DVD tools, and so much more. It would be very easy to navigate yourself in that site if you know specifically what type of media freeware you want. It also gives a list of the latest media updates and the most popular downloads.
  • offers a great variation of what you search for. It gives a lot of related pages where you may find the software you need. Some files are free or allowed to be shared, but some require your subscription and a fee. Under its title and the short information about it are the system requirements of the software and its popularity.
  • is very much like It also has lots of software to choose from and plenty of categories to check on. The site indicates the file size and OS required making sure that you will not encounter media problems. Like, it also has a popularity rating, but this site only offers free media software and none of their links need fees or subscriptions.
  • Lastly, is just like the last two websites, only that this one gives the visitor a choice between downloading and buying the software. The sites indicate the total number of downloads of each software and its last week's number of downloads. It allows users to leave their rating of the media and some files have the editor's rating. This site offers reviews for certain freeware for you to know which media best fits for your needs.


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