How To Find Gene Sequence Analysis Software

Technological advancements in science have given rise to more efficient gene sequence analysis software.  This type of software is used in bioinformatics and molecular biology to find similarities and dissimilarities in gene sequence alignment, to identify gene-structures, uncover genetic markers and many more.  The DNA may be subjected to various bioinformatics methods such as "sequence alignment, sequence databases, and repeated sequence searches" through the use of a computer program.

There are many gene sequence analysis software options in the market today.  Here are tips in finding the right analysis program.

1.      Choosing the right one will depend on what you want to use it for.  Start off by determining what is the most essential function that you want your software to have.  This way you can easily weed out programs that don't meet your needs.

2.      If you are looking for free software, visit Molecular Biology Freeware.  Here you can find more than 20 free programs.  Click on the links associated with the software you want to try out.  You will be brought to the software's website and from there read through the description.  Download and evaluate as you please.

3.      Genetic Analysis Software  has an alphabetical list of more than 480 programs originally created by Dr. Wentian Li.  Read the descriptions per software to determine which ones you want to evaluate for your use.  Check out the "what's new" section to see the latest additions to this growing list.  There is an "obsolete programs" section which gives information on which software are "Un-maintained, Web-less, or Merged programs."  The "link to other sources" brings you to websites maintained by different companies, organizations, research facilities and educational institutions that focus on bioinformatics and related fields.  Some sites mention the different gene sequence software they use while others provide free downloads of their software. 

4.      Review the Principles and Methods of Sequence Analysis which is a chapter in the book Sequence - Evolution -Function by Eugene Koonin and Michael Galperin.  There is mention of a number of algorithms and software tools used in gene identification and sequencing.

5.      Check out the following software below.  Look for user reviews online for more information on the software.  User reviews can be great sources of information.  Post your own queries to help you decide on which software to employ.

  • Lasergene - by DNASTAR, the company offers user-friendly software tools for scientists who focus on the life sciences. Lasergene is made up of 7 applications that center on DNA and protein sequence analysis. You can try it for free.
  • Sequencher 4.10.1 - made by is a DNA sequence assembly and analysis software. It prides itself on not only being easy to use but fast as well. Download the demo copy for your evaluation.

6.      European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) provides data and bioinformatics services to the scientific community for free.  They provide information on cutting-edge technology used in bioinformatics.  Under the "Tools" section you can find links to the different structural analysis tools that is in use at the EBI.

7.      If you still haven't found the right software, use your browser's search engine to find other gene sequence analysis programs.  Try using multiple search engines so you are not limited to the ones found by only one search engine.

Gene sequence analysis makes use of software employing methods in bioinformatics in order to determine the structure and biological function of genes as well as the proteins associated with them.  The internet can help you find the best gene sequence analysis software.  Take advantage of freeware or free trials to find out which software is most useful for you.


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