How To Find Grant Writing Resources

Grant writing is not a very easy task. Making sure that your grant letter has an edge among the others is hard, especially if you do not know what the others are writing. There are some tips that you can keep in mind when writing grant letters. These tips will make sure that your grant writing skills will improve and that you will have a better chance in being chosen to be awarded the grant money.

Here are some grant resources where you will find sample grant letters and tips that will help you improve your grant writing skills:

  • - This webpage provides a lot of grant management and grant writing tips. The site was built by a grant writer who had experience in grant writing for about 15 years. On the website, you will find grant planning questions, basic proposal elements and some links to the grant seeking resources that are found on the Internet. You will surely find this website a great help while you are writing your grant letter proposal.
  • This website contains a lot of grant support. You will find tips on how to write a good grant letter. You will see grant writing resources, grant opportunities, examples of good grant proposal, government grants, government loans, international grants and a lot more. By using the resources that you see on the website, you can surely write a grant letter that will be worth reading.
  • – This blog site is dedicated to providing grant writing resources for the readers. On the blog, you will find model programs, how to be organized when writing your grant, information on charts and diagrams, proofreading your grant letter, writing tips, productivity tips and a lot more. There are also links on the website that will lead you to other websites that have useful information.
  • - Step By Step Fundraising is a website that is dedicated to providing resources on how to raise funds that will be used for needs that are non-profit. On this page, you will find 20 free grant writing resources. On the list, you will see links to various useful sources, such as grant seeking basics, proposal outline, basics in writing a grant proposal, A to Z in grant writing and some examples of grant proposals.
  • This website provides a guide for writing a funding proposal. Some of the important resources that you will find here include writer’s guides, practical guides for grant writing, tips for grant proposals, non-profit grant writing tips, and a lot more. You can visit the website to see a complete list of the different resources.

These are some of the websites that offer grant writing resources that will help you in your grant writing proposal. You can also browse other websites for guides on PhD writing, project writing and grant support. Another thing you can do is to search for sample grant letters that were given the grant money to see what made them stand out from all the other grant letters.


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