How To Find International Resort and Hotel Jobs

A lot of people are looking for resort and hotel jobs. This is because they get to work in a fancy place and get to see different kinds of people everyday. If you are looking for hotel employment in an international hotel or resort, you can find career opportunities from different sources. You will just have to be patient so that you can find the hotel career that is right for you.

Here are some of the tips on how you can find international resort and hotel jobs:

  • Newspapers. One way to look for hotel employment is by checking your local newspaper’s job hunt section. You have to check your newspaper regularly as the job advertisements can appear at any day. Look out for hotels that have branches abroad so that you can see what positions are available. You also have to get your resume ready so that you can immediately pass it when you see a job that you want to apply for.
  • Consult hotels. Another thing you can do is to go to hotels and ask for information. You can also just contact the hotel to see if they are hiring. You can also check the official website of an international hotel to see if they have career opportunities for hotel work. This will make it easier for you to find hotel or resort jobs in other countries.
  • Websites. If you are not lucky to find hotel careers on newspapers and by going to hotels, you can always visit hotel and resort jobs websites. Make sure that you check the job websites that offer vacancies for positions abroad. Using these job websites is fairly simple. All you have to do is to search for the position that suits you and you will see all the vacancies available.

Here are some of the websites that you can visit to get international resort and hotel jobs:

  • – Caterer Global is a job search website for the top hotels in the world. Surely, you will be able to find a job that suits you. Some of the job titles are for Bar Management, Chefs, Finance, Guest Relations Officer, Housekeeping and much more. They have hotels and resorts from places, such as Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe or the Caribbean.
  • – Luxury Hotel Jobs is another international job search website for people who are seeking jobs abroad. Some of the positions that they are looking for are Chief Engineer, Lounge Managers, General Managers, Human Resources Directors and a lot more. On this website, you will find 5 star hotels, 4 diamond hotels and destination spas.

These are some of the tips on how you can find international resort and hotel jobs. You can pass your resume to different hotels and resorts so that you can have a lot of choices. Make sure to read the qualifications and the duties for the job position so that you can tailor your resume to display what they are looking for.


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