How To Find Internet Access in Rural Areas

Finding and getting a decent connection to the Internet for your computer while residing in a rural community or countryside can really be a nightmare especially if none of the typical broadband connections such as DSL and cable are available.  However, the lack of proper telecommunications facilities in the area does not mean that you will have to live without any access to the Internet.  There are actually other options that you can explore to get yourself surfing on Facebook and playing Farmville while living in an actual farm. 

  • Go for dial up.  Now if the area where you reside has a local telephone company or may have the presences of a national telephone corporation, then it is highly likely that dial up internet access is available.  This being said, check with the local office of the telephone company and inquire about it.  Now bear in mind that most dial connections will be slower than what you are used to in the city but it should provide you some sort of decent connection nonetheless.  Basically, you will need to subscribe for a phone line and to the actual dial up internet access service.  They will charge you a monthly fee for the telephone subscription. For the Internet access, depending on the company, they may charge you a fixed monthly rate or on a per usage rate.  Whatever the case is, this is one option that may be feasible in your area.
  • Look to the skies.  Satellite internet connectivity is another option you can look at.  In fact, through the use of VSATs or Very Small Aperture Terminals, you can connect your computer to the Internet at high speeds.  The connection will actually pass through strategically floated satellites and redirected to another VSAT on the ground connected to the Internet.  Now the cost of this type of internet connection does not come cheap but it should really give you a fast connection not to mention the benefit of having the access regardless of where you live.  The costs will range from $60 to $150 a month for this type of connection.  You will be required to purchase the VSAT and the modem for about $500.  While this technology may seem convenient and stable, bear in mind that the quality of service will diminish if the skies are not clear.  Hence, if heavy clouds or a storm comes into town, expect your connection to become fuzzy and erratic, in some cases, you will have no connection at all.  Don’t worry though.  When things clear up, your connection will clear up as well.
  • Consider 3G or Wifi.  If the area where you live has cellular coverage, then it is highly likely that the mobile carrier providing the signal may also provide broadband Internet connection services through the cell site.  Inquire with the particular mobile phone provider to see if they offer the connectivity option.  If they do, they will probably require your computer to have a wireless LAN card or you may have to purchase a USB Wireless received with a 3G enabled sim card in it.  These devices will allow you to connect to their infrastructure thus, getting you the Internet access you need.  The cost of these types of services will either be on a monthly basis at about $40 to $60 or through a pre-paid per usage plan. 

Almost every part of the US will have access to the Internet for as long as you know how to find it.  Now, if you can’t handle the costs, then consider looking for a local Internet kiosk in the area. 


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