How To Find Job Openings for Economists

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for people with an economics background will grow by six percent from 2008 up to 2018, although the demand will be found in other fields such as insurance and business finance, to work as researcher and research assistants, purchasing manager, financial and market analysts, and public policy consultants. Most of these jobs will be offered by private enterprises that specialize in technical, scientific and management services.

Below are some specialty websites economists can visit to search for jobs openings.

  1. Inomics. The Inomics website is a one-stop shop tailor-fitted for economists. The list of job openings is worldwide, in different categories from assistant to professional and professorial levels. The site offers courses for professionals as well as economics students on economics field of study, summer schools, research programs and workshops. It also lists conferences, meetings and congresses that are going on worldwide. Most of the services in Inomics are free.
  2. JOE. Joe is a job board service provided by the American Economic Association. All members of the association are encouraged to post their job openings through the website and they are urged to allow at least thirty days for applicant response from the time the job opening was posted to the time they find someone to fill up the position.
  3. Social Science Research Network. The network is a worldwide collaboration of leading scholars in the field of social science research. It has several sister networks in the different social sciences involved in research like accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, financial economics, health economics, information systems, legal, management, marketing, negotiations, political science among others. Several job postings in each social science category from the research community are available through the website.
  4. Econ-Jobs. This site is also run by the Social Science Research Network. Here, jobs posted are for Financial Economists. You have to register to be a member of the network to avail of this service. The service is offered to registered job seekers, employers and recruiting agencies. Registered job seekers receive email alerts when an available job opening has been posted.
  5. The Supply Curve. This is an independent job board website dedicated to economists, econometrician, statistician and PhD jobs. The job postings come from recruitment agencies and employers who work closely with The Supply Curve. Registered users are sent email alerts. It also allows registered companies (advertisers) to send email to registered job hunters through the website. The Supply Curve is based in London.
  6. Wall Street Journal. This is a leading international financial newspaper published by Dow Jones & Company. It has the largest circulation in the entire United States. You can do the traditional way of finding a job by looking at the classified ads section of the paper and through its digital edition.
  7. Chronicle of Higher Education. If you are looking for an economics teaching position in a college or university, the Chronicle of Higher Education is a website you can visit. The publication has over 70,000 academic subscribers. It is ranked as the number one in news, information and jobs for faculty members and administrators.
  8. Walras. The website contains free, user-contributed listing of job openings for PhDs in the field of economics. Recruiters can post their job openings in the website and registered users can access and apply directly to job openings via the online system or via email thru the system provided by Walras. Staffs check and verify each job posting before forwarding them to placement officers at institutions granting PhD posts which in turn sends them to job seekers.

As an economist, you do not have to wade through thousands of job openings and take a lot of time to filter the jobs you are specifically looking for with the existence of several websites dedicated to job postings for an economist position. All you need is the time to do your research and update your resume to find the right job for you.


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