How To Find Movie Links

Finding movie links online is not a difficult thing to do.  For those who enjoy watching movies on their home PCs, it can be as simple as firing up your favorite search engine.  Google, AIM Search or Yahoo all offer searches based on keyword.  Using very broad keywords or combinations of keywords will net a larger pool of results from which to choose.

Begin by accessing your favorite search engine.  In the keyword area on the screen, enter the phrase “find movie links”.  Depending on the type of search engine you use, you will get a variety of search results.  Many will display paid advertisers as their top search results, shown as sponsored links.  The more relevant results will begin somewhere further down on the page.

About one-third of the way down on the page, after the sponsored links, you will find the web results.  This is the real “meat” of the search.  This is where the search results are shown, generally sorted by relevance to the keywords.  For my search, the search engine pulled more than 190,000,000 hits for the term “movie links”.

By scanning the first group of results, you can determine if your search term was too broad.  Using “find movie links” brings up a variety of categories, ranging from links to full-length films, to sites that contain interviews and trailers.  What are you ultimately looking for in terms of movie links?  That is the next question.

Once you’ve decided on exactly what you’re looking for, it’s time to narrow your search.  Try entering phrases like “full-length movie links”, “movie trailers” or “cast and crew interviews”.  Are you looking for links to specific movies?  Do you want to know more about all movies that feature a specific actor?  There are countless ways to refine your search.

After you have a new set of search results, scan them again.  Are there plenty of results for you to search through?  Do they seem to fit with what you are looking for?  Sometimes when you try to narrow a search, the keywords are too specific, or theyneed to be phrased differently to find the right set of results.

If you are unsatisfied with your new pool of results, use your browser’s back button to return to the previous set of results.  You can start a new search or refine your old one and then begin reviewing the links – then sit back and enjoy!


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