How To Find Music Note Wallpaper and Graphics

If you were a music aficionado, you'd probably like to have yourself surrounded by things that remind you of music – and that would include having music-themed designs on your computer screen desktop and wallpaper.

Here's how to acquire such music themes for your computer.

  1. Decide on the design. There are many different designs you could choose from. Some musical symbols you could use include music scales, music notation, piano notes, and treble notes. Other options that you could decide on include which music genre you'd like (rock, classic, pop, metal, or hiphop, etc). If you like to have pictures of music artists or band members as part of the design, or if you'd like to have statements included in the wallpaper (for example: “I love music,” “Rocker girl,” etc).    
  2. Know where to get free wallpapers. You could easily download free musical wallpapers from different websites such as,,,,, and Of course, if you'd like to have pictures of music celebrities and artists, you could easily download pictures of your favorite artists and bands and set them as your wallpaper. Apart from free wallpapers, you also have the option of downloading screensavers. One example of a useful website is Here, you'd be able to choose wallpapers and screensavers by category, such as adult alternative, classic legends, reggae, and rock.
  3. Know other options. Apart from having musical-themed wallpapers, you could also get free graphics and fonts online. Websites from which you could get free graphics include (where you'd see musical notes and the G clef symbol), (for an extensive selection of music graphics of different colors, both still and animated), and Search for musical clipart at (where you'd find cliparts such as treble clefs, music scales, and decorated and different-colored notes, both still and animated),, and

Apart from graphics and clipart, you could also download musically-themed fonts; that is, fonts that are associated one way or another with musical symbols, or fonts that are used as logos by famous bands. Some useful websites include,, and For this last website, it is especially useful if you are looking to find symbols to use to type musical notations and to do music reading. This is because the fonts available there are truly used as actual musical symbols. For the website, you would find available dingbat fonts, and one particular dingbat font is one that displays different guitar chord diagrams. At, you'd find cute dingbat fonts of musical instruments (worth mentioning is the font that shows different guitar styles, and one that shows cartoon illustrations of famous music artists such as Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison).

If what you are looking for is actually a physical design for your home wallpaper, there are lots of options too! Try out for music novelty wallpapers and borders (you'd find designs such as piano keyboards, jazz cartoon scenes and musical notations).

There you have it! No matter how addicted you are to music, you'd definitely be able to get your fix from these websites. Good luck!


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