How To Find Online System Restore Software

Whatever computer you have, there is always the possibility of a crash. As complex and advanced as computers are today, most are still open to various vulnerabilities in both software and hardware. Operating systems still have plenty of flaws that can be attacked by viruses, Trojans, and many other types of malware – especially for computers under the Windows platform. Hardware failures, such as disk failures and crashes, can erase your entire hard drive. To secure yourself, here’s how you can find online system restore software.

  1. System Recovery. System Recovery provides storage space that will allow you to save your critical files into dedicated servers from the company. Because the company provides its service via the web, all you will need is internet connection. The company also provides a free trial that will allow you to experience the high degree of automation and customization that the company’s system recovery services provide.
  2. Visit Lifehacker. Lifehacker is your one stop for almost every computing needs. Apart from reviews on the latest gadgets and the best ways to maximize your digital life, the site also present some of the best system recovery tools for you. Even better, these are all free. Among the system restore software that you will find on the site are O&O DiskRecovery, which is a powerful tool that will comb through your entire computer to search for lost and deleted files. You can also use SuperDuper to create easy and automated backups for your computer. You can also access other details needed to restore your system from scratch, such as the Magical Jelly Bean Key Finder that will search for the installation code from the CD, which you will need to reinstall your copy of the operating system. You can also use the System Information for Windows Tool that will provide you with system information that will be useful in restoring your computer.
  3. Check Unistal. Unistal is one of the industry leaders when it comes to system restore, backups, and data recovery. The company provides a plethora of services to meet your needs, ranging from email recovery, data recovery, file recovery, system file recovery, backup recovery, and even database recovery for servers. Uninstall also has a feature known as the OS Application Restore, which will allow you to retrieve your damaged operating system.
  4. Mozy. If you want to store data files instead of system files, you can use Mozy, which will intelligently back up your files using an automated system that comes with bandwidth throttling to ensure that you will be able to use your internet connection and network efficiently even as your computer backs itself up silently in the background. You can schedule the backups, and you can specify certain folders in your computer to be backed up frequently.  All files in Mozy are encrypted during transmission to ensure your privacy and the security of your data.
  5. ADrive. Most online recovery and data backup services come with a pretty big price tag, and while many offer trial versions and free services, these are mostly limited to several gigabytes worth of storage space. But with files growing in size, and with and more people stocking up every digital photograph and song, you will need more than just several measly gigabytes of online storage. This is where ADrive comes in, with its 50 gigabytes of online storage for your files.

With half of all computer users experiencing data loss each year, it is best to be prepared. Keeping your files and your computer safe is now possible through online options that will allow you to restore your computer system and your files when a crash happens. 


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