How To Find Order Form Templates

The internet is full of sites that will offer free or low cost templates that you can use to create order forms. The difficult thing is to find the right form, in a format you can use.  Simply using Google or Bing! to search for order form templates will yield hundreds of thousands of results.

To narrow your search, first determine what the objectives of the form are. Is it just to gather customer contact information, SKUs ordered, and financial data? Or do you also want the order form to cross sell other products, or capture customer information in a survey? Determine the fields or information you want to capture on the order form, and add these to your search field.  You can further refine your search if the order form needs to collect a shipping address, billing address, name, payment method, and show the product name and SKU.

Adding a file type using advance search techniques can help -- look for file types such as PDFs or XLS files.  Download any templates that seem relevant, and print them out as samples.  You can look at many different templates to determine which are most relevant for your order forms.

A second source for order templates is to go online to various shopping sites and carefully look at how the most well known sites structure their order forms. Take a look at Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy, and other big online retailers. Then look for more obscure sites and look at their forms.  You are looking at the most successful sites to use as examples of best practices.

Look at the order forms on smaller sites as examples for what not to do. If you look at the smaller sites, they are often smaller for a reason. They do not have the resources to redesign and test their forms over and over like the larger firms can.  Learn from their mistakes.

Print out the online forms and compare to the template examples you downloaded, and look for continuity between your templates and the best practice examples. This will help you narrow down the choice of which templates to use for product orders, complaints, feedback, and whatever other types of form templates you need.

Remember in your search for templates to check the copyrights, and make certain that you have permission to use and modify the forms to your needs.  Look for flexibility and ease of reading. If your template is designed for taking orders, but there is a similar design that meets other needs such as materials requisitions for internal company transfers, then rate this template higher.  Even if you do not need to design this form, if the system of the template is flexible enough to accommodate other needs, it may be simpler to adapt as your needs change.


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