How To Find out if an Auction Item will Sell

Let’s say you have an item and you want to sell it on eBay. Curious on whether or not it will sell? Here’s how to find out if it will.

  1. Be specific with your item. Specify the make and model of your item. Be honest on what its condition is. Find out what is so unique about it. If you feel your GI Joe action figure’s condition is just average and you see it was in a condition “right out of the box” then you should advertise it on eBay as it is.
  2. An item in demand gives you an advantage. EBay suggests that the right item to sell on eBay it the one that is currently in demand. You can’t just jump in without taking time to do some research for the items in demand these days. Some sellers say it gives you an advantage if your item is in demand but does not assure you that it will sell. The "In Demand" category on eBay offers 'hot' items lists that are great, that is, If you know how to find suppliers. Otherwise they not very useful to one-time sellers.
  3. Surf and compare. Surf the web for similar items and check on how much they are being sold on other sites. Compare their condition to the condition of your item. Make these facts as your basis on how to price your item when you sell it to eBay.
  4. Search your item in eBay. After you have an estimated price, go to eBay, type your item and check for any results. See if you can find the same item with the same condition as yours. See what the sellers are selling the item for. If you think the price is just fair, see the Bids. If there are bids then it shows that the seller was selling the item reasonably. If you sell your items within the same price, it will be likely to sell.
  5. Consider to start low or “buy it now” price. More often than not, auctions do much better when you price your items lower. EBay bidders will devote more time in an auction with a starting low price and bid higher and higher. Some items sell better with the “buy it now” price. Check on the trending on eBay to help you decide on the starting point in pricing your item.

Just remember that when you send your item for shipping when it gets sold to always package it properly. You don’t want it to be received by buyer already damaged. Don’t be shy in charging them for shipping fees. They will be more than happy to pay for it al long as they receive the item in good condition. Go ahead and sell that old guitar you thought at first was trash and make a gold out of it!


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