How To Find Popular Products from Network Associates

Have you heard of Network Associates? The likely answer is no, but you'd probably have this gut feeling that you've heard it before. And you've probably heard of products from Network Associates like the McAfee Antivirus suites.

Network Associates came about by the merger of McAfee Associates and Network General in 1997. Network Associates later reverted to the original name of the source company McAfee in 2004. One of its most notable feats of advertisements was the Network Associates Coliseum later named McAfee Coliseum in 2004 as the company changed its name.

McAfee is most popular for its antivirus suites and has a multitude of suites fitted for the average Joe at his home or for an executive for his network enterprise needs. Below are the highest rated of their products.

  1. McAfee Internet Security 2009 - The latest in network virus protection from McAfee was released in late 2008. It has garnered a 4.5 star editor's review at CNET. The newest software features faster network updates for virus definitions that rival competitor Symantec's. It features a new way of downloading updates instantly. In addition to a whole new set up in updating it also features a whole suite of features including the more common anti-phishing, antivirus, antispyware and personal firewall software, the program also includes a backup-and-restore feature.
  2. Artemis - What is featured in most 2009 McAfee suites is the Artemis software included in all the latest suites, that lets you update almost instantaneously. Once the software detect a virus that it has no definitions for, it automatically sends the information on this virus to the McAfee Center where either it will be decoded by the network professionals there to prepare a cure or solution, then as soon as they publish the cure, your client automatically downloads the update and neutralizes the virus.
  3. McAfee Total Protection 2009 - Released on September 2008, McAfee Total protection is Network Associates' most feature-filled product. The interface shows the most basic features of the product but you'll see all that it can do once you find the advanced button. It also features a left side pane that summarizes all of the features and a right hand pane that shows the system status depending on which feature is selected. Like other 2009 McAfee offerings, this version also features the Artemis module that instantly sends an unknown network virus and downloads the updates as soon as they are published.
  4. Superdat - In addition, aside from Artemis, there is also the Superdat utility that older users can download from the McAfee Web site. This utility updates the scan engine AND the virus signatures. The normal updates will only update the DAT files that are detection rules for viruses, while the Superdat updates and patches the engine itself.

With its utilities and suites, Network Associates can provide you with a complete set of antivirus software. Basically all you have to do is buy a suite that you think is suitable to your needs, or buy Total protection so you wouldn't have to think of anything else, update it regularly, scan regularly and between the global network of users that upload new virus strains daily and the professionals working to solve them, you'll have all you'll need to protect your PC.


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