How To Find Prices for Sending Mail Overseas

Though digital communication is becoming more and more common, there are still a lot of people who subscribe to the traditional mailing system. This is especially true for overseas communications. However, the only question in terms of this choice is whether sending mail this way is still a good option over modern means in regards to the price.

Surely, when you are about to forward mail messages to a friend or family member abroad, the first question that comes in your mind is the price. Definitely, you will never know how much it costs if you will not look for the answer. To guide you with that, check out these ways on how you can find the price for sending mail overseas.

Post Office Inquiry

This is the traditional way of knowing the price of sending a mail. More often than not, this is best to be followed when you are sending multiple mail items. Right after you have the mail with you and written the address in the envelope, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to the post office and bring of course the parcel with you.
  2. Allow any officer there to analyze the letter that you will be forwarding. The officer will then check the price depending on the weight of the parcel as well as where you will be sending it.
  3. Also, being the mail sender, you need to identify how you want to send the parcel. The price depends on the mode of shipment. Air shipment is more expensive. On the other hand, sea shipment is cheaper but is slower.
  4. Right after it is analyzed, the officer will tell you the cost of the stamp for your subject mail.
  5. In some cases, you also need to declare the amount so as they can insure the contents of the package.
  6. Also, there are some informational bulletins in the post office that you can locate in the area to check for updates on prices on your own.

Online Inquiry

Since most of the post offices nowadays operate their own website, this mode of inquiry is the most convenient way. What you basically need to do are the following:

  1. Log in to the website of your post office.
  2. Go to the page that gives information in terms of international shipment.
  3. You can then view the price quote of your subject mail or other packages there. The complete detail is presented on the webpage and the price depends on what you are sending, address to forward mail, its weight, and the speed of delivery.
  4. You can also view a comparison table to check the best way to send your mail messages abroad. This is also a good option when you are sending a multiple mail.
  5. Also, there are postal websites that have online calculators for you to use. You just need to enter information such as the destination and weight. It will give you the pricelist afterwards.

With all these options to check for prices when sending mail abroad, it becomes easier for you to make a decision about communicating abroad. Definitely, not all parcels can be delivered through the modern digital means. Being a mail sender, you always need to remember that the traditional way sending mails are at times better than modern ways.


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