How To Find Resume Templates in Microsoft Word

Finding the right job is never an easy task. No matter what degree, honors, hardships, challenges, victories or experiences you have in school, you will always be hard pressed to get inside the Human Resource Officer’s office. But you do have a weapon to get ahead of the others, your resume. A great resume will speak for all of your achievements where ever it is.

That is if you have a compelling, interesting and noteworthy resume to spread around. A good resume will do you wonders and a bad one will take you to the ground together with it. And a good resume must be sound and organized. So here is how you can find a good resume template in your Microsoft Word.

  • Before you resume your resume making. Do not just go submitting resumes to future employers. Make sure that you have the right look and the right format. But before you get the right resume template you must have the right equipment. You will need the following: a computer to encode your data and Microsoft Word to provide you with the resume template. If you have both, you can now start hunting for the right resume template.
  • Open to resume. To start resume template hunting you must begin with Microsoft Word. To open this program, double-click the Microsoft Word icon on the desk top or open it through the start menu. Opening it will open a window with a blank work sheet. Hold your horses. Do not write your credentials in this work sheet. Remember there is a resume template in Microsoft Word.
  • New to resume. After you have opened your Microsoft Word, you are now a few steps closer to your resume template. Now find the File menu and toggle it. An array of options will scroll down. Choose New to continue. Choosing this option will make the program ask you to pick a template that already exists in Microsoft Word.
  • Link to resume. In this list of options you can spot the template option. Toggle by clicking on it. Choosing it will open the templates offered by Microsoft Word. Among the templates, a resume template can be selected.
  • Pick a resume. Now, not all resumes are fit for the company you will apply to. At this point, a good applicant would have scouted the company he is submitting his resume to. The applicant must tell whether the company is modern, traditional and or even chic. After identifying the type of company, it is now your task to find the fitting resume template or look. If you look closely on your work sheet, you can see a tab that reads “Other Documents”. Toggling the said tab will allow you to pick and choose a resume template. Some of the choices are Elegant, Professional and Contemporary. There is also a “Resume Wizard”. The “Resume Wizard” will allow you to custom fit the template types to your liking. You can also encode your particulars and credentials using the ‘Resume Wizard”.

Get the right resume template to make that striking pitch. This is but a little help to boost whatever good you have done.


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