How To Find Reviews on Antivirus Software

Antivirus software is dime a dozen nowadays. Everybody seems to have a computer, and since a lot of people are online, there’s a huge market to be conquered. People need to protect their computers from malicious scripts, malware, spyware and viruses to manufacturers and companies try to outdo each other by trying to pitch the best products to the consumers. Due to this environment of competition in the market, the user must then be more aware of the different products that are out. The more one is aware the easier it is to come up with the best possible decisions on which products to let in to your computer.

Reading reviews would be a good way of finding out which programs are good for your computer. Reviews for software are just like the ones that are written for music albums and movies. It gives the reader a gist of what the product is about allows the person to have an almost personal experience with the product through the hands and eyes of the original tester and writer. A lot of people use reviews to decide whether or not a movie is worth watching or a book is worth buying and the trend towards software reviews is also moving the same direction.

Here’s how you can find reviews on antivirus software:

  1. Most computer magazines or other publications that feature software have sections that are devoted to online security. These publications usually get free samples of each product to try out for themselves. Their writers usually rate the products and give the final say to readers whether or not a product or worth buying or not. You can probably see these articles on the magazine’s website if you can’t find a physical copy of the magazine.
  2. There are also a lot of technology and computer-related websites that review online security products. They would probably have sections about antivirus software. The advantage of having a reputable website as a source of a review is that there will be a comments form most of the time. You would then see how the average user (presumably the people who leave comments), reacted to the veracity of the information provided by the author.
  3. There are also online forums that are dedicated to the topic. You can easily browse through the threads and see which programs get the thumbs up or the slam from forum members. These threads may not seem like a well-written article; but collectively they represent a slice of the market pie much like a survey would.
  4. There are also technology blogs by individuals and groups that choose to make tech their specialty. This makes the experience very personal since you can almost always talk to the person who wrote the article. If you have follow up questions, you can always ask him or her directly through e-mail. You could also see just how truthful he or she is with the way the questions are answered.

Do not trust everything that you see online. For all you know, it could very well be just spin. Be very observant and always cross-reference everything. 


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