How To Find Sample Invitation Wordings for All Occasions

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Meaningful words on invitation cards carry a lot of emotion that most people cannot verbally express. The flow of words, the rhyming, the brief and precise wording can easily convey what you want to say and what you want the other person to feel. That is why you take the time to read the wording in each and every card that you buy for any occasion.

There are many commercial invitations that you can buy from bookstores and stationery shops, but nothing beats an invitation that is handmade. The thought and creativity that you expend in creating and designing the invitation conveys so much more than the invitation itself. When you run out of things to say and you want to be inspired, there are some websites that you can visit which offer some free invitation wordings that you can copy. Otherwise, you can also gain inspiration from reading some of the samples that are provided from sites selling custom-made invitations for all occasions. Here are some of them.

  1. Invitation Consultants. Starting from a one-woman business venture creating personalized wedding invitations, it has moved on to carry 9,000 products and their services extended to creating, stuffing and mailing invitations for clients who make online purchases from their site. Sample invitation wordings are provided in the website and you can copy some of it, replace/insert your own names, times and dates. You can also mix and match words to create your own wordings.
  2. Verse It. The website shows several pages of sample verses and invitation wordings for anniversary, baby, birthday, business, holiday, religious, thank you, wedding and miscellaneous events. The wordings can be formal, semi-formal, funny and cheerful. You can view each category and occasion from the drop down menus. Verse It also has advice on how to embellish your invitations, and guidelines for addressing and printing envelops. It has a downloadable guide. The site also has an advice page where you can read tips on wedding etiquette, thank you guide, pros and cons of printing invitations - professional and home-made, a glossary of invitations terms, and an FAQ. Verse It allows you to copy and print the verses and invitation wordings from their site for personal, non-commercial use.
  3. Verses 4 Cards. This is a UK-based website. The site owner provides verses and poems and invitation wordings that you can copy for personal use and to those crafters who occasionally sell a small number of cards and invitations (around 50) a week. The owner also offers tips and suggestions on using rhyming words and how to make verses and poems of your own to make your invitations more personalized.
  4. Colors By Design. This is an award-winning online card, invitation, and personalized stationery shop. They have a team of watercolor artists who create their personalized, themed, inspirational cards and gifts for all occasion. Take a look at their products and gain valuable inspiration from the wordings on the invitations that they showcase.
  5. Do-It-Yourself Invitations. The website offers a lot of tips and tutorials on how to create your own personalized invitations as well as greeting cards. To view sample wordings, click on the navigation buttons for the different types of occasion. This will lead you to a tutorial page with sample wordings that you can add to your own invitation cards.

There are other sources of inspiration for wordings that you can use for invitations that will be suitable for all occasions. Speak from the heart, consider etiquette and formalities, and seek inspiration from poetry, on the theme of the occasion, the location and common interests to create personal wordings. You can also tell a short story and make it funny and playful. The changing seasons can also be used as inspiration - describing what happens before and when the season changes.


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