How To Find Sites with Free Vehicle History Reports

A lot of used-car buyers are interested in purchasing used-cars that have vehicle history reports. Even those people who do not have enough money to buy a used-car are engaged by sites that offer them a sneak peek on the vehicle itself.

Basically, vehicle history reports offer used-car buyers the opportunity to get information about the car that they are considering to buy. Vehicle history reports can be vital in a used-car buyer’s decision as this will show you information about the vehicle’s history, such as the vehicle’s previous use, information about its odometer, information about its registration, and even information regarding its major repair history. All these can be determined by simply acquiring the vehicle history report.

Though most car dealers offer their prospective customers a free vehicle history report, sometimes, you need to try and secure one yourself. Getting it is one thing, as there are a lot of sites out there that offer vehicle history reports, but getting a free vehicle history report requires you to search more thoroughly in order to find sites that offer them for free. Here are a couple of hints on how you can find those sites that offer free vehicle history reports, and how you can get the vehicle history from them.

1.    Search online. There are a lot of online service sites out there that offer you an easy way to obtain a vehicle history report, however, most of them require you to pay a minimal amount in order to get that vehicle report. Service sites such as Carfax and Auto Check are just some of the sites that offer these vehicle report and auto history for a minimal fee. If you are looking for a particular service site that offers free vehicle history reports, though, there are actually none.

However, searching online could help give you some answers. All you need to do is simply use search engines to find possible sites that could offer that particular service.

2.    Check used-car seller’s site. If you are interested in buying a particular vehicle from a specific seller, then inquire from the seller. He might have his own site that basically shares the information that you need about the vehicle’s auto history. If your seller has a site, ask for it, and try to access it. Once you are there, simply perform a vehicle search. Carry out a number history check by using its vehicle identification number (VIN) to be able to check the history of the car.

3.    Get offer from dealers. The same goes with certain dealers, such as or, wherein they offer thousands of free vehicle reports to you. All you need to do is simply do a vehicle search by supplying the vehicle identification number of the car that you are thinking of buying, and you should be able to get the information you need. The vehicle identification number is a long alpha-numeric code that can be found on the front dashboard of the car, usually engraved on a plaque.

Dealers and resellers would sometimes offer you these information for free, especially if they believe that this will help close the deal with you so they can sell you the car.

Finding sites that offer free vehicle history reports could prove to be a bit difficult, especially since not a lot of sites offer this. This is probably due to the fact that these types of reports contain sensitive information. And the vehicle reports that you get for free may not even be complete. Nonetheless, this should not discourage you from finding sites that do offer them for free. Keep in mind that knowing more about your prospective car can help you decide on whether to buy it or not.


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