How To Find Software for Your School Library System

Maintaining school libraries could be an arduous and highly time consuming job. Not to mention in the monotony of which mistakes could easily occur, especially when students and the faculty borrow books with high regularity. Like most software that seeks to eliminate monotony, maintain accuracy, work tirelessly and effortlessly and free up man power for other tasks, software for your school library system is very helpful if not entirely essential. The investment in the software is well worthwhile considering the returns to the school itself. Software for your school library systems seek to automate as many systems as possible saving hours of time for the school librarian and other personnel.

In addition to the above automated systems, some hardware and software for your school library system are also necessary to be installed to ensure security and prevent theft of books. Apart from keeping an eye literally and / or using close circuit cameras, some of the technologies used to ensure security and prevent theft are:

  • EM (electro-mechanical) systems.
  • RF (radio frequency) systems.
  • RFID (Radio frequency identification) systems.
  • Barcode check-in check-out systems.

Purpose of software for your school library system

Software for your school library system should do the following:

  • Organize and manage the school library.
  • Organize and maintain library members' information.
  • Maintenance of circulation and bibliographic input.
  • Keep track of the library circulation data (record check in/out transactions, display overdue items, view/print summary reports.
  • Cataloging.
  • Navigating through books and inventory.
  • Card and label printing.
  • Search and report.
  • Access.
  • Referencing.

There is other specific software related to your school library system for text book management system, inventory database, visitor tracker, equipment tracker, teacher databases, reception desk databases, etc. To find related software for your school library system, you can search online using these keywords along with the words "software for school library system". For instance, text book management software for school library system (

Software for your school library system

For latest technology in library theft detection system using radio frequency identification, there is LibBest RFID Management System. RFID basically are microchips affixed to library materials and read using radio frequency technology.

Concourse is software that organizes, manages and keeps track of books and magazines that are borrowed by students and teachers.

School Management System, which is free software, can be used for managing your school's day to day business. It allows users to store information on students, employees, properties, teaching, etc.

Two websites that contain a good list of online library automation systems and vendors are and Andrew Osborne's home page -


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