How To Find Templates for a Registration Form

Some ezines, recipes, catalogues and newsletters can only be received through emails, which is why there are sites that require signing up first. Popular websites like Friendster, MySpace, Facebook and YouTube can be accessed all right, but there are limitations. You are not able to view private photos and videos. Moreover, some features are blocked if you are not a member of the said sites. To be one of them, you have to register. This kind of registration is called web registration, since you can register through the web. Don't worry, as signing up is usually free.

Registration forms give you the privilege to access, avail or use something either for free or with a fee. This can be handwritten or computerized, and even programmed. However, registration forms come in different styles and format depending on the purpose.

If you need registration form samples and templates, there are myriads of them everywhere all over world. Here are ways to find them:

1.      Search the Internet for websites that offer free downloadable registration samples and templates. If you are looking for samples and templates of registration forms, the following websites are proven helpful:

  • - This site allows you to view many registration forms like conference registration form, SAT registration form, ACT registration form, state registration form, web registration form, etc. Files are available in PDF and DOC format and can be downloaded after logging in to the site. If you are not yet a user, registration is free.
  • - This site requires membership to create a new form using their templates. However, preview is available.
  • - Form Logix offers a variety of samples and templates of different kinds of registration forms.
  • - This site offers free PHP website registration forms. These instant form templates can be downloaded for trial, or you can get the source code of the form. But this site requires membership before you can download anything, except for the preview.

2.      Use Microsoft Office Online. Go to Microsoft Word, select File, New. Under Microsoft Office Online, select Forms. If you are already connected to the Internet, it will automatically search for available templates of registration forms. Forms are segregated in different categories, like academic, business, community, employment, healthcare, legal, personal and sports.

3.      Search the Internet for form maker software or tools. Here are some tools and software which can be used for free, while there are some that ask for payment:

  • - Yes, it also offers a Formlogix Form Builder trial version for free, and a Pro version for a minimum price of $1.99 per form template.
  • - You can create a registration form instantly with this user friendly tool. Just insert the elements and auto response in the template provided, and in no time, you can generate and download your own form.
  • Registration Form Builder - Without any special knowledge about HTML or web design, you can create your own registration form on the web. This is being used by Stanford School of Medicine faculty to create registration forms easily for class events, conferences, seminars and meetings.

Knowledge about programming is no longer a requirement if you need a registration form added to your website. With everything now downloadable and editable in a few clicks, life is much easier.


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