How To Find the Best Search Marketing Blogs

As the Internet continues to offer information to more and more people, search engines have become widely popular to everyone, especially in the late 1990s, to easily and instantly locate things that we seek. As expected, marketing experts who are in constant search for ways to attract new market started utilizing the Internet search engines, the places where most people online go through. Thus, search marketing came into implementation.

Search marketing, also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is an Internet marketing strategy in which website promotion is done by increasing their presence in the results pages of Internet search engines. The web marketing associate can choose whether to increase their presence through paid inclusion or placement and context advertising. Unlike direct marketing, the success of search marketing relies on the target markets’ response to the search engine’s research. There are no unsolicited marketing propaganda sent directly to the target markets.

Finding the best search marketing blogs may mean that you have found the blogs that best suit your business marketing needs through search engines. They may be blogs that provide you the best tips and hints to maximize your search marketing enterprise and to find solutions to your marketing dilemma. They may be search marketing blogs that are constantly updated, putting you on top of what is happening in the world of search engine marketing.

To find the best search marketing blogs, you may want to start with web sites that already did their homework for you. One of these is the TopRank Online Marketing web site Basically providing blog posts in its main page about search marketing, online public relations and social marketing, the web site also provides a list of more than 400 best blog sites, called TopRank BIGLIST The list is updated weekly, usually every Friday. You may want to start browsing from this list and see which blogs appeal to you in terms of content, web design and functionality. You may want to subscribe to the blogs and provide tags on these so that you can easily refer to them in the future. Some web sites, however, may require you to register and login to view their contents. It doesn’t matter from where the blog owners are based, since whether they are from outside your country, local & etc., the Internet is a place where experts from the worldwide web converge.

Search marketing blogs can be made by a marketing organization that decided to share information on search marketing strategies. One of these blog sites is 11Marketing at Blogs may also be managed by one or two consultants or experts on search marketing such as Chris Winfield at

You may also want to check what the search engine owners say on search marketing strategies, such as Yahoo. Sometimes, blogs from these web sites can offer you tips and hints on how to optimize your search engine marketing activities. Yahoo has its own search marketing blog at

So you see, finding the best search marketing blogs should not be a hassle since there are already web sites who can give you a list of the best available blogs in the Internet. Take your pick from among these lists and see which ones best suit your needs and situation. It doesn’t hurt to surf around and subscribe to these blogs. You can sort them out and refer to them later anyway.


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