How To Find the Free Top Web Host Providers

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Websites have been set-up to market something, whether for profit or not. Everybody who has ever maintained a website knows how difficult it is to design one. Imagine all the work involved in creating web content with all the right search engine optimization (SEO) keywords and integrating it with eye catching graphics that will help to generate web traffic. One of the most crucial ingredients that you need to add up your websites is a web host provider to allow the site to be viewed online.
A “down” website is enough to break a website administrator’s heart. It means lost opportunities for profit and web interchange is lost. Many top web host providers cost money and for start-up web sites, initial outlays are not an option. A smarter option is to know how to find free top web host providers and get quality web hosting service. The following questions should be asked when looking for one:

  1. Is it reliable? A reliable host means it will offer 99% guaranteed server uptime. A web site that is always online gives it better chances of being indexed by search engines.
  2. Is page upload speed satisfactory? New visitors will definitely return to websites whose contents can be accessed immediately. Although they might just browse initially, you increase the chances that they will bookmark your website in their Internet launcher.
  3. Do they provide customer support? The host provider must guarantee 24/7 online technical support for you as one of their web clients. Check their website if they have a toll-free number posted or some live support online.
  4. Is their disk space and bandwidth sufficient? Disk space hosted and bandwidth allotted may be a little limited if your website is being hosted for free. However, this free space must be sufficient for you web content to load fast enough for visitors to view it.
  5. Does it have user-friendly features? When you are developing a website, the web host must supply features to allow you to tweak it. They should provide site builder software, email account hosting and a control panel which can help change settings in your website.
  6. Does it have search engine marketing credit? The web host directory must be able to list your site so that search engines would be able to bring up your site when someone searches for something that has your keywords on it.
  7. Have they been in business long enough? Top web host companies stay in business if they have had lots of paying clients in their roster. Look for one that has enough staying power and experience in the field of web host providing.

Because they offer it for free, these top web host providers should confer quality but basic services. Since a successful website will definitely generate profit, either from advertisers or due to the web contents itself, it is advisable that when your website generates enough profit to maintain the website, you must pay for the web hosting services that the free web host provider imparted initially. You get more discounts and better features and services.


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