How To Find the Latest and Popular Web Games

The Internet is now teeming with information, efficiency and fun. Unlike in the older days when gaming could only be done with gaming consoles like PlayStation and Game Boy and where every game had to be bought separately, the Internet now offers a wide variety of online flash games. For you to get to know the latest and most popular shockwave web games, here is a list. Search the net and join the gaming bandwagon. You never know, you may be the only one left behind by your friends in the latest online action games.

  1. FarmVille. The online social networking giant Facebook has many free Internet games where you and your Facebook friends can interact and play against or with each other. One of these is FarmVille, where players make their own virtual farm, harvest and make virtual money. The players can share their success, share tools and make their farm the best in town. This game is absolutely addictive and fun.
  2. Stick RPG. Though the name may sound unappealing, Stick RPG is one of the hottest games on the web. Stick RPG is a free stick man game, complete with the classic chummy graphics. But with the interactive role playing aspects included in the game, you will surely find Stick RPG your next pastime. You can choose to tread the path of a CEO and lead the company to financial success or the bank robber and rob your way to riches. You can also assume the role of a bar brawler and kick some bad ass bar dudes. Click here and start playing.
  3. Rings. If you are simply drained from the redundant online puzzle games, play Rings. Although simple, the new concept will really hook you right into the game. All you need to do is stack the different sizes and colors of rings in descending order. The twist is that larger stacks generate larger points. You must think of ways to create a larger stack without being jammed in the process. You can also play to beat your highest score. If you want some fresh game to play, go to and stack some rings, blow your mind and click your way to fun.
  4. AntWar. Think those war flash games are becoming increasingly petty? Why not try AntWar and join another type of warfare? In AntWar, you will build and fortify your own colony, and prepare for an attack from the opponent ant colony. You can also build your own forces and do offensives. Unlike the usual war games, it is very fun and absorbing, minus the gore and military jargons. Try it now and enter the new world of insect warfare.
  5. CrunchBall 3000. This sports game has a twist—you need to resort to violence in order to win the game, or else you will be the one to get busted. This futuristic sports game makes use of an old concept, but the new Crunch Ball game has improved the idea and made it even more addictive. Play it now at 2flashgames and blow your opponent off.

If you are looking for a pastime that can really kill your time, try these web games. The games will simply make you yearn for more.


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