How To Find the Latest Satellite Pictures of Earth

Before, getting a good and accurate picture of the Earth was beyond the capacity of the most expensive of cameras. Today, you can actually download a great number of them, updated consistently thanks to earth pictures from satellite images! And the best part about it is that you don’t need to buy to secure yourself a copy of these interesting images.

Few people in the world are able to travel. With these globe pictures or satellite pictures, you can have Earth views as frequently as you want in the comforts of your own home. Forget about expensive plane tickets. There are clearly some places that are just good for viewing but not exactly that palatable for exploring.

In case you get tired of viewing your own planet pictures, you can also view other planet snapshots such as Mars pictures. Many a telescope viewer has found himself mesmerized and fascinated by these views.

There is nothing better than watching live (or close to live) satellite images of the Earth as opposed to cartoon or caricatures and limited outer area shots by terrestrially mounted cameras. Moreover, your kids will have their field day learning about the planet&etc. with the use of these satellite images, which are really a valuable educational tool. Here are some sources of good Earth satellite images:

  1. Online Maps. If you are just an ordinary voyeur to this very interesting set of pictures, or a photography enthusiast who wants to view what it’s like to have the entire Earth coverage on the camera lens, then online maps will already serve you the purpose that you seek. Google Maps online are able to provide the picture that you want.
  2. Global Mapping Software. If you are not the type who often goes online and you intend to enjoy the view without having to be connected to the Internet, you can get the snapshots and enjoy it offline through different types of global mapping software such as Google Earth. Sure, there may be some differences in accuracy depending on the resolution of the satellite images, but if you are able to save them all with a mean and lean computer processor, then there is little trouble there.
  3. Satellite Company Websites. Though limited, satellite providers give in their websites some examples of their stellar Earth shots. You might not be able to save it, and they are quite strict with how they present their satellite images for marketing purposes. But this is also a good source of recent satellite imagery.
  4. Atlases and Encyclopedias Online. Treating it as a purely educational tool, encyclopedias and atlases may provide more leverage than the other three sources you have read above. The good thing about these highly educational tools is that you will not just find the recent Earth satellite images, but you will also be able to see some notes or annotations on the different places being featured on the satellite imagery. You don’t just get to see the size and shape of the Earth, but you get to find interesting pieces of information on geography and many others.


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