How To Find the Top-rated Web Host Services

To have a website or multiple websites up and running, you need to have a quality web host service, which will take care of all the technical details for you. Fortunately, you don’t need to look very hard to find such web host services and in this article, we tell you how to find the top-rated web host services.

Peer group recommendations
This method for finding the top-rated web hosts is best, because the recommendations come from people you can trust. Almost everyone has a presence in cyberspace today and your circle of family, friends and colleagues will definitely have their recommendations on services they have tried and tested.

Recommendations from other sources
There are many online services whose primary task is to review and rank the hundreds of web hosting services which populate the Internet. Other resources are IT blogs, magazines, etc.

Understand your requirements clearly
Finding the right web host service depends a lot on your exact requirements, because there are a variety of web hosting services with different levels of expertise. For example, there are web hosting services which facilitate blogs, while others may provide services for complex e-commerce systems.

Some of the requirements you need to consider:

  • Does the web host support text-only websites or does it have sufficient bandwidth for large-size files such as audio, video, images, etc?
  • What type of software programs are provided or supported to allow for one-click publishing, e-commerce platforms, etc?
  • How many websites are already up and running and how many more are in the pipeline and is there sufficient space on the server to host your website as well? It would make no sense to sign-up with a web host where the server is already overloaded and it will take eons for your website to upload!

Types of web hosting services
Some of the more-common types of web host services are listed below. You can take your pick based upon your requirements and the utilities provided by the web hosts.

  1. Shared hosting – Most common type of web hosting service available, where multiple websites belonging to different owners are hosted on the same server and costs shared, giving you the benefits of low hosting costs.
  2. Dedicated hosting – Ideal for e-commerce, business/company websites, etc. The entire resources of the web host, including server space is dedicated to your website needs and is ideal if the idea and cost of exclusivity appeals to you.
  3. VPN/VPS hosting – Stands for Virtual Private Network or Service and is a cross between shared and dedicated web hosting. Mostly used by businesses where Internet mobility and high speeds are crucial and the service is comparable with dedicated hosting, but with much lesser costs.
  4. Other types – In recent times, newer hybrid web hosting services have come to the forefront; a few examples are reseller web hosting services and managed hosting services for novice users on the Internet.

With the above information, your search for the top-rated web hosting services should prove to be a cakewalk!


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