How To Find Totally Free Linux OS Downloads

 A young student from the University of Helsinki named Linus Torvalds was able to come up with Linux due to his interest in Minix (a small UNIX system). It was in 1991 that he was able to release the very first version tagged as 0.02 then three years later the version 1.0 of the Linux Kernel came into being. It has been regarded as the program’s core, which contains the source code that allows users to gain free access.

Here are ways on which you can bring the power of Linux into your desktop without any charge.

Learn while you wait. The presence of Linux was made possible by the collaboration of various programming community. It is presently utilized to power both conventional desktops and slick notebooks. Although there are retail shops where you can get the CD for a small price you might want to spend some time downloading it from a reliable source in the Internet. Follow these simple steps.

  • Access the Linux webpage.
  • Use the desktop edition, which works well with today’s brand of computers.
  • Look for Ubuntu and click on it.
  • Start your download and from then on follow the prompts that will appear.

Get the distribution that you can handle. is a nice site that you can rely on for information about the current distributions that you can get. Don’t go with the complicated ones if you are not savvy enough. Once you’ve made up your mind go to the designated site and download the live CD image. This will enable you to utilize the operating system without having to install it on your computer.

Keep in step. Despite the growing number of people who rely on Linux it has not been properly stated that the program can be obtained free of charge. Join the growing number of users and experience a new brand that is regarded as a virus repellent and flexible operating system. here are some distributions that you should be familiar with:

  • Ubuntu. You can have this Linux OS without spending a single buck. By accessing its web site you will be able to enjoy support from its community which is built on the free-spirited ideas that people should have free access to software tools and applications in their local language and that disability or any other circumstance should not impede an individual from altering their software according to their own preference.
  • Fedora. The fedora project is rooted on the ideals of open source community. It is continually refined by Red Hat’s flexible scheme. His engineering team works hand in hand with external participation. The primary objective is to maintain a program that can provide a complete and general purpose operating system.
  • Debian. This distribution is technically known as Debian GNU/Linux. It was brought to life by individuals who wanted to have a free operating system. Debian is around to keep stability as application software do their thing. From document editing to entertainment and recreational programs this distribution is ready to keep your PC intact.

The power of the Internet is in your hands. Get out there and update yourself about the latest programs that will allow you to enhance your PC’s performance but be on the lookout for downloads that can harm your system.


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