How To Fix My Computer Using MSConfig

The booting process takes a longer time than it should. This can only mean that there is excessive memory usage during the activation of programs that have been ticked on the startup tab. Such problem can be easily waved off by a reliable command.

Educate yourself on PC management via msconfig.

  • Microsoft configuration to the rescue. This is what msconfig stands for. The run command box can be accessed via the start button on your PC or laptop. Key in the letters ‘msconfig’ then push the enter button on your keyboard. A separate window will greet you. You will notice that there are a bunch of tabs located on the top portion. Focus your attention on the rightmost tab, which is called startup.
  • When in doubt, leave the program alone. Before you go through the various contents of the startup tab, it’s best to stick with the most vital rule of working with computer affairs. Observe caution when modifying elements that you have no thorough knowledge of. Bear in mind that these are items that windows tap on for vial processes and if you meddle with one that’s really important then you’re hitting your head with more stone.
  • Frequency is the name of the game. The startup tab consists of three sections namely Command, Locations, and Startup Items. You should focus on the latter to improve PC performance. Locate the programs that you’ve installed and are familiar of. The common scenario is people putting tons of applications within the system without considering their functionality. Begin unmarking programs that you don’t utilize on a regular basis. Don’t worry this will not remove such software from your system. When the need for it arises you can do manual access on your desktop or wherever you’ve decided to save it.
  • Go through several clicks and you’re done. Look for the apply tab, move your cursor over it, and click the left mouse button. This action will ensure that the changes you’ve decided to stick with are saved. The computer will prompt you to perform a restart so that the alterations become official. Once proper booting mechanisms take place a window will appear stating that you’ve made some changes with msconfig. Click on the OK button and you’re off to a smoother time with your beloved machine.
  • Consistency helps. Msconfig is not a one-time command. Utilize its benefits on a monthly schedule. This will lead to better startup conditions and in the long run you will be happy to have your computer working with increased levels of efficiency.
  • More knowledge means more power. Startup isn’t the only trick in msconfig’s hat. Here are other utilities you can rely on.
    • The general tab will give you options on starting your PC. Diagnostic Startup gives you the opportunity to work with basic devices while Selective Startup gives you the chance to deal with options closely related to troubleshooting.
    • There are two tabs that address SYSTEM.INI and WIN.INI affairs and prevent code lines from being activated during booting sessions.
    • The BOOT.INI is a selection that cannot be modified but details can easily be viewed using msconfig.
    • A tab named Services stops particular services from running when your PC is going through startup procedures.

Software awareness is as important as hardware know-how. Combine knowledge of both to utilize your digital buddy to its maximum potential.


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