How To Generate Free Traffic to Your Website

One of the main factors for being successful in your online business is having an attractive website. The website should be complete in all aspects and draw people’s interest to the product and services offered. Is that all you need to do to make money from your website? Most people are under the assumption that having a fancy website with loads of content is the right way to grab people’s attention. Let’s take a brief pause here and understand that this is just not enough and relying only on fancy graphics will get you nowhere.

Generating traffic to your website has to be a multi-pronged strategy. However, this does not mean paying high prices to have your website advertised at various advertising avenues or search engines. There are multiple ways for increasing the traffic to your website at zero costs and a little bit of hard work. Do note that these are not ground-breaking revelations, but simple ways in which you can keep your website buzzing with a large number of hits.

  • Getting the right set of keywords - Most search engines pick web pages based on keywords entered in the search box. A keyword-rich title with few or no fillers such as articles or conjunctions has a higher probability of appearing in the first 2 pages of the search query. Therefore, keyword optimization increases the chances of your website being immediately visible to users.
  • The ‘right’ description - Keep the description or website subtitle crisp, while clearly providing a snapshot of the website content. Use the right set of keywords and key phrases describing the website content in not more than a line or two. A clear yet crisp description certainly increases the chances of Internet surfers exploring your website. An even better way is to include these keywords as a part of the website hyperlink too.
  • Linking your website to social networks - Everyone knows that the Internet is abuzz with social networking portals such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Orkut, and so on. Include your website links as a part of your profile page and drop a line or two describing what you are working on in a manner that is intriguing to your friends. Also you can further extend your website publicity by joining and sharing information with other members through social bookmarking communities.
  • Writing articles or other content - Another effective way of increasing your web-print is by writing and submitting articles, press releases or newsletter to websites and directories in areas related to your website content and your expertise. Always conclude such written content by directing readers to your website. Include a brief description about your website and its objective for further effectiveness. These resources cater to a wide audience, thereby generating increased traffic to your website. Ensure that you keep the content short and sweet (most surfers will not have the time or patience to read pages of filler material), interesting and factual, and present it in a manner which is sure to catch the viewers' attention.
  • Promote through online forums - Browse the Internet and you will find hundreds of online forums, discussion groups and chat rooms, comprised of people who excel or are interested in different fields of interest. Enroll yourself into groups which deal with meaningful discussions and provide your own opinions and inputs. Don’t forget to mention your website as a part of your email signature.

The strategies described here are proven and effective ways of generating free traffic to your website. Do not forget to tag your website as a signature in all your online communications to keep spreading the word!


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