How To Generate Traffic to Your Online Blog

Companies spend millions on their new products for marketing and advertising, all with the goal of letting people know about their existence. Thankfully, bloggers don't have to dole out their life savings just to advertise their site; it's all a matter of knowing where to go to, to reach the hugest audience possible.

First of all, it's important to reiterate that generating awareness is a necessary step to attract people to spend time browsing through your site. There are lots of sites you could use as a tool for this, and here are just a few you can check out for yourself:


Submit your best articles here. If your articles are published, you've taken a step towards getting readers to be aware of you. Know, though, that it's a little bit hard to get your articles published on this site, but if you do, you could likely expect a wide readership (up to about 200 readers per day) for your article. Post a link to your blog in the article you want published.


This is an online community where bloggers create lenses or pages that contain blog posts from members. Since this is a large community you'd expect some readers to visit your lenses. Include an RSS feed to direct readers at squidoo to your own blog site.

Know the lingo: By the way, an RSS feed (news feed/web feed) is a data format that allows users to subscribe to your blog and be informed every time you update it. Content distributors could also syndicate your blog automatically via RSS feed.


Social bookmarking sites allow your blog to be exposed to others and be bookmarked and reviewed by them.



Once you submit your article to this site it instantly submits it to up to 22 other social bookmarking sites. Great for exposure.

This contains a comprehensive list of helpful websites that enable you to submit your RSS feeds to a directory that can then be searched by category by users.

Feel free to browse through the net to search for more tools and platforms you could use to expose your blogsite to a wider audience. Apart from all these websites, you may undertake other really simple ways to generate more traffic towards your blogsite:

  • Create a link to your site in your email signature. Every time you send out an email you are inviting and making it easy for your friends and family to visit your site.
  • Include your blog URL on all your business cards, though if you give it out to your bosses, for example, make sure it doesn't expose a side of you that would compromise your professionalism.
  • Be an active member of the worldwide net community and post a comment on other people's blogsites, Make sure that you leave a link to your blogsite address each time you comment, and to ensure maximum effect, make your comments truly insightful to attract other readers to click to your site.
  • Don't leave your blogsite idle; people nowadays have short attention spans, and you are competing with literally thousands of other sites. It's best to update your site at least once a day.

Of course, all this advertising and exposure is just one side of the coin. It's essential that your website truly contains articles that readers could relate to and would find useful. Avoid writing about your personal angst. Opt for "how to" articles or articles filled with informative stuff. Think of your blogsite as your service to the community. Keep your blog readable, timely and useful. Happy blogging!


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