How To Generate Traffic with Online Ads

Every single website owner, blogger or social network enthusiast wants to have traffic on his site as heavy as it gets. The main reason for this funneling of Internet traffic is the fact that websites are instant money generators. With the emergence of online ads, website owners earn money according to the number of impressions run from these ads, and they earn sales commissions from the business owners. Now, there are many ways to increase web traffic. Let’s enumerate them one by one.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO).  This technology is one of the most popular techniques used by web traffic seekers. It involves using tags or keywords to optimize one’s search visibility with today’s leading search engine websites. For example, a client wants to seek a lawyer with a specialization in personal injuries. For this type of search, the client needs only to use key phrases containing keywords such as “personal injury lawyer” or “personal injury attorney”. And with just one click, related searches and online ads will be listed by the search engine.
  • Social media optimization (SMO). This technology involves popular social networking sites and your own network of friends. This works as your own buzz, twit, post or update on your profile. So every time your contact views your post, whether it is in the form of a review or an advertisement, there is already added web traffic to your site. Although there are some risks of spamming, SMO is a great way to generate web traffic, money and popularity.
  • Free online classified ads. There are many free online classified ad websites today that can help you generate web traffic. You can post your links to your websites with online ads so users can view your business and know more about them. These websites are also cost effective, because they are free and yet they are so popular they can reach out to millions of potential customers.
  • Pay per click (PPC). This technology is one of the most famous online ad technologies. This works as a queue or block of search pages every time you search using search engines. These little ads are already classified into many keywords. Search engine websites use this tool as their way of monetizing their service. As its name suggests, PPCs pay these websites and other advertisers every time users click on these ads. To become an advertiser, you must download the search website’s code or widget and post them on your blog or websites.
  • Write articles or reviews. Article writing can be the most complete way to generate web traffic. You can post your articles on online classified ads websites or social networks for SMO, put tags or keywords for SEO and add the PPC codes or widget. You can also submit articles to free article directories. However, each posting venue has its own rules, like regulations on linking websites and length of articles. Just be sure to read and understand the terms of agreement before posting to third party websites.

Heavy traffic is vital for every website. A website owner must be clever enough to generate such volume with the use of online ads to keep his site visible and extend its online lifespan. It is also the lifeline of every business-oriented website. A website with poor web traffic can be considered a shop in the middle of a desert.


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