How To Get a Free Talking Desktop Buddy

No man is an island, they say. So if you don’t want to be left alone while working with your computer, then have a talking desktop buddy. This is a digital assistant that will function based on your preferences and the program’s available features. It’s fun to have this thing in your computer, especially if you always want something to remind you about the time and your scheduled activities.

What will developers get if they offer talking desktop buddies for free? There’s a lot—some do this to showcase their talent while some are just generous to share what they can do. But there are some with hideous motives—bombarding your computer with malware, acquiring important information from you, and displaying annoying pop-up ads. Downloading something for free like a talking desktop buddy is potentially dangerous. Follow the safety guidelines below to protect yourself from harm:

  • Do your research before downloading a talking buddy. Some talking buddies are already identified as potential malware. There are already reports about these disguised malware. Take advantage of other people’s experience and learn from it.
  • Download from the software’s official website. The application is clean and now, you are ready to download it. The best and safest place to go is the application’s official website.
  • Download from reputable downloading websites. They’ve been working for years and years just to be recognized as reputable downloading sites. They won’t risk their reputation just to spread malware.
  • Assess the website if it looks reputable to you. Sometimes, the reputable websites do not have the copy of the application you want to download. You can try downloading it from other websites. Assess the website first, though. It should have decent content. If it displays link to porn websites, then it’s probably an unsafe website.
  • Check the file size. It’s impossible to have a one-kilobyte talking desktop buddy. If the file size seems suspicious, then better stay away from it.

Now, you are ready to get your free talking desktop buddy without harming your computer or your identity.

Here are some of the free talking desktop buddies you might want to give a try:

  • Deskbot. This is one of the most popular free talking desktop buddies. It can read copied text, announce time, and greet you. Try different characters, too—from teachers to skulls, from geeks to hunks. It can be easily modified also in terms of its voice, speed of talking, pitch, and greetings.
  • TalkingBuddy. This is more like the Deskbot, only with more features. It can read weather reports, Web pages, stock updates, appointment, news headlines, and greetings. Use this also when sending a message or greetings to someone.
  • eSamvaad. “Samvaad” means “talk” in the Hindi language. This application is similar to the TalkingBuddy. They only differ on the user interface. You can try this and the TalkingBuddy and experience the difference.

Why spend $5 to $30 for an application that you can get without spending a dime? A talking desktop buddy is very useful and won’t be an annoyance. Try any of the three free talking buddies and you’ll realize that the best things in life are really free.


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