How To Get a Quick Insurance Quote

The Internet is really a very helpful tool for everyone. It facilitates searching for information, viewing shows, listening to music, keeping updated on the latest news, downloading items as well as doing your shopping online. When you do your shopping, you can easily compare prices with a few mouse clicks, view product information, and read product reviews before making your final decision.Today, you can ask for and receive quotes on several products and services instantly, without leaving your house or office, saving you time and money.

One of these online services that you can avail of is insurance quotes. You can get quick quotes from several insurance companies for life, automobile, health, general, housing and other types of insurance. Some companies concentrate on just one type of insurance, other companies offer all types.

These company websites partner with several insurance carriers which in turn provide the clients with instant quotations.

While there are several websites offering this type of service you also need to exercise discretion and learn everything that you can about the type of insurance you are getting, the company that you are signing up with and as much as possible, always compare prices.

Here are some sites that you can visit to get some insurance quotes instantly.

  • 2Insure4Less. This website provides a lot of information to the reader. It gives helpful tips especially for those looking for car insurance, on what to look for in an insurance company, what types of insurance are available for a particular category, advice for people seeking insurance. The website claims that they look for cheap insurance for your needs and provides you the links to those insurance carriers. For free quotes you enter your zip code and the type of insurance you are looking for and click “Get a Quote Now” to take you the page where you need to fill up the forms they provide prior to getting a quote.
  • QuickQuote. This company is the first to provide interactive insurance comparison and selling and buying over the Internet. They have been providing this online service for life and health insurance since 1995. Quick Quote specializes in customized rates based on the customer’s age, weight, height, personal background and health condition. They have underwriting guidelines which allows consumers to check if they qualify for certain insurance premiums. This company has been favorably mentioned several times by Forbes Magazine. They have partnership with some of the top insurance companies.
  • MoreThan. This company is focused on car insurance. They provide free car insurance quotes once you have completed their online form. Aside from the standard insurance quote, More Than also includes lifetime guarantee on paint and bodywork repairs and other miscellaneous services in case of car accident.
  • InsuranceQuotesUS. The company offers free quote comparison for car insurance quotes. Through their built-in bidding process, the company selects the three most competitive insurance quotes for a customer based on the information the customer provided in the online form.
  • InsureMe. The company provides quotes for car, life, health, home, long-term care types of insurance. The website provides a wealth of information for insurance consumers and had downloadable insurance information they call Insurance Survival Guides for automobile, health, home and life insurance.

These websites do not sell insurance but instead provide consumers like you with a wide marketplace to look for, get quotations, make comparisons and provide the service to link you with the right insurance agents. They extend their online service to provide you with additional information, tips and expert advice on everything that relates to insurance.


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