How To Get Cable TV for Free

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Paying for cable TV to get your fill of the many shows you occupy your time with after work is a thing of the past.  With so many options on the Internet nowadays, you can watch all your favorite shows online for as long as you have a decent broadband connections.  Many of the major networks have websites that stream the episodes of each show the broadcast for free while some sites similar to YouTube will probably have a number of users manually uploading whatever they record on their Tivo or DVRs.  While this is a fantastic revolution in accessing media, if you want a whole host of cable channels streamed live on your PC for free, then here are a few things you should know about.

  • What you need.  Alright, in order to effectively stream cable channels and TV episodes from the Internet right into your PC, you will first need a few things.  Obviously, you will need a decent PC.  Minimum specifications should be Intel Dual Core processor or better running Windows XP, Vista, or 7, at least 1gb of RAM, and a decent graphics card.  Most of the on-board graphics cards should do fine.   Aside from the PC, you will need a high speed broadband connection.  In fact, this is the most important part since this is the medium that will bring the content from the Internet into your PC.  Now if all these are within your premises, then you can continue to explore your options.
  • Opt for live streams.  There are actually 3 sites where you can get live cable TV streams.  These sites are,, and  Bear in mind that these are totally free for as long as you have the right media software installed on your PC.  You will need to install 4 primary media applications to view these streams as well as other possible streams from other sites.  Sopcast, Tvants, TVU player, and PPLive nettv are the main applications.  With the exception of TVU player, all these streaming sites are pretty much scheduled and does not really broadcast 24 hours per day.
  • Go for the one time fee option.  Aside from the free video streams, you can actually get a real online cable TV connection featuring over 3,500 channels available over the Internet.  One such site which has gained popularity the last year is  Technically, it is free cable in a sense that you will never have to pay any subscription fee however; they do require a one time fee of about $50.  Not a bad deal considering what you are going to get.  If you opt for this, then you will need to log on to the site, register, download the software, install, and watch.  It is as simple as that.

Now if these options still do not give you the cable TV satisfaction you desire, then you can consider visiting sites such as YouTube and the like since a lot of people upload recorded TV shows on a daily basis.  Yes, you may not have your own cable TV connection but you can still watch your favorite TV shows on your PC for free.


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