How To Get Free Access to Education Articles

The Internet gets a bad rap from teachers. Sure, there will be times you'd much rather spend going through YouTube than reading your books, but the Internet has educational uses too. In fact, the Internet can give you access to some of the most scholarly journal articles out there.

The problem is that a lot of the services that grant access also charge you for it. Education itself is expensive enough as it is. What more when you spend extra for the articles? Luckily, there are a number of ways to gain access for free.

The first stop you should make is at school or a library. An academic institution is bound to subscribe to numerous academic journals, and it's all a matter of whether or not you can borrow them. Ask the librarian or search their electronic database for the journal you're looking for, and track it down. If you aren't allowed to borrow the journal, ask if you can photocopy the desired article. The librarian will allow you to make a copy more often than not.

Many institutions have access to JStor, an online catalog of academic journals. If your school does subscribe to Jstor, then all you'll have to do is log on to one of the school computers and go to JSTOR. The site has a vast collection of journal articles in PDF format. You can make use of their search engine or browse around their collection by Discipline, Title, or Publisher.

Your local library may also have access to JStor, so it would be a good idea to ask the librarian about it. Your school or library might also subscribe to EBSCO Publishing Services. Their website, EBSCO, is a handy tool for anyone doing research. It collects information from a host of different sources and posts relevant links to the corresponding articles. Just enter a search query and set your desired options, and EBSCOHost will do the rest. It'll even let you save or email the articles if you need to read them later. EBSCOHost will also tell you whether or not the library you're in holds a physical copy of the article you're looking for. An added bonus to EBSCOHost is that access is password-based, and some institutions will gladly give you their username and password to help you do your research elsewhere.

Another great source of free educational articles is the Education Resources Information Center, or ERIC for short.  Its website has a growing collection of citations and full text educational articles covering a lot of fields. Search ERIC's database for your desired information, and you're likely to get a bibliography entry for what you're looking for. If you're lucky, it may also belong to ERIC's full text articles, saving you a trip to the library.

Finally, there's always Google. Some scholars post their journals articles on the web for free. It's all just a matter of being patient as you search, and really discerning whether or not a link will be helpful.  Thankfully, Google offers a scholarly search to make things easier for you. Just go to scholar google and search away.


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