How To Get Free Cursors (Without Downloading Anything!)

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Sooner or later, you will grow tired of your boring computer cursors. If that happens, you need brand new, colorful, and animated cursors of various kinds to light up your computer screen once again. Though there are a lot of websites offering free cursors that will make you fall in love, most of them require you to download something. This is not a good sign, though.

Free cursors can usually be downloaded from the Internet. However, it is way too risky to do that as a lot of websites are merely spyware trying to attack you. If a simple animated cursor in your computer means a spyware, it is not worth the risk of downloading it. If that is the case, it is better to not change the cursors at all. Good thing that you can have free cursors without even downloading a thing these days. Here, check out how you can take advantage of these great freebies:

  • Know the right websites. There are more than a hundred websites offering you free cursors. However, only a few of them can offer you great cursors without the need to download anything. Some of these sites include:
These are only a few of the sites that can offer you cursors without downloading. Their list of cursors is so vast that there is something as far as your imagination can reach. New cursors are added almost weekly so you can be sure that what interests you at present is available for you.
  • Find the cursor of your choice. Browse the list of cursors available on the website. For easier searches, select the category of your choice. Cursor categories include alphabet, butterfly, flower, baby, heart, smiley, zodiac, army, arrow, holiday, sports, and a lot more. There surely is one or more cursor that will catch your attention from their list. Some sites even offer a preview of the cursor so that you can decide whether you want one or not.
  • Copy the code. Click your preferred cursor at this point. Then, copy its code to your clipboard by hitting Control A and then Control C.
  • Use it in your website. This kind of cursors work effectively in various sites such as MySpace, eBay auction, Wordpress, Craiglist, Livejournal, other social networking sites, blogs, and your created websites. Most of the cursors are compatible to both Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.
    • Edit your page by pasting the code to the appropriate field. Once you hit "Save Changes," you can already see and use your new cursor. Though various websites offer different ways to change the cursors, most of the sites mentioned above offer a step-by-step instruction on how to do it.

With this kind of free cursor offers, you can enjoy every cursor you can imagine without the threats of spyware programs. No matter how many times you change your cursors, you are guaranteed that the act is safe, easy, and convenient as no downloading is required here at any point.


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