How To Get Free PowerPoint Templates

Packaging the Idea!

During the normal course of your busy workday, you may be required to develop a workplace PowerPoint presentation - with little time or resources to create from scratch. After a quick IM or email to your colleagues, you determine that there is no corporate standard for the presentation you need immediately. You can open Microsoft PowerPoint, stare at the blank workbook and brainstorm on how to begin. With today's focus on "doing more with less", why not jumpstart your effort using a Microsoft PowerPoint Template instead, especially for free? Microsoft PowerPoint is used worldwide by a variety of business, organizations and educational institutions. As a result, there is a treasure trove of PowerPoint templates that have been submitted by workers around the world to Microsoft. These submissions, once accepted are included in Microsoft's online template database. These are generally available for use by existing Microsoft customers, and can be customized for your organization's style preferences. Here's how to locate PowerPoint templates.

Step 1

Search online (Google, Bing, etc.) using the keyword "Microsoft Office templates." The resulting list should contain the desired link near or at the top of the list entitled "Templates – Microsoft Office Online"…or…Type the website address into your browser's address bar.

Step 2

From the Microsoft Office Online page, you should see several tabs near the top, with the "Templates" tab prominently displayed. Nearby, there should be a Template Search box. Navigate to this area using your mouse or keyboard keys (arrow or TAB).

Step 3

Type the keyword for the desired form or template you need and click the Search button. For example: If you need to create a template to generate the budget for the quarterly department budget planning session, you may wish to use the keywords "new employee PowerPoint." On a recent search, these keywords resulted in more than 25+ templates.

Step 4

Scroll through the list, reviewing the image thumbnail, as well as a detailed description of the template PowerPoint presentations. Pay special attention to the "Version" of the form to ensure that it is the same or compatible with your installed version of Microsoft PowerPoint.

Step 5

Although the Download and Rating information is valuable, the format, style and ease of use are important factors for you to consider when selecting the template.

Step 6

Click the desired Microsoft PowerPoint thumbnail or template link to display.

Step 7

After reviewing the detailed information, click the "download" button.

Step 8

You may be prompted to save the resulting spreadsheet. Click the SAVE button.

Step 9

The template will display on your PC momentarily, but with a PowerPoint presentation name "FileName#" (where # is the next presentation number 1, 2, or 3, etc).

Step 10

Rename the form presentation using the "SAVE AS" functions of your Microsoft PowerPoint software. If you're using Microsoft 2003 or earlier, select the FILE menu, and choose the "SAVE AS" option. If you're using Microsoft 2007 or later, select the Microsoft Office Button, and choose the "SAVE AS" option.

You are now ready to customize the new presentation to fit your needs, including headers and footers, adding corporate logos, organizational design, inserting shapes, etc. Considerations: IT Organization may prevent downloads to your workplace computer or laptop as a security measure.


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