How To Get Free Software to Burn DVD, Blue-Ray & CD

Do you need to backup or transfer your files from one computer to the other? If you do, you must be looking for a DVD, Blu-Ray, and CD burner. A burner is a software program that is used to copy files from your computer to a DVD, Blu-Ray, or CD to either use as backup or temporary storage until it is copied to another computer. You can buy burners in software stores or download them from websites for a fee. However, if you are low on cash, you can also get a free burner from the Internet. Instructions on how to get a free burner is given below:

  • Search online. The Internet can make your search for a free DVD, Blu-Ray, and CD burner easier by allowing you to search for it without having to leave your house. Type in “free DVD, Blu-Ray CD burner” or other similar keywords to your search engine and you’ll be given several links to websites where you can find free burners. Visit these websites by clicking on their links. Read the descriptions of the burners carefully to know how to download and install them to your computer. An example of a free DVD, Blu-Ray, and CD burner is BurnAware. You can download it on its website:
  • Software review websites. Another way to find free DVD, Blu-Ray, and CD burner is by going to software review websites like Cnet Reviews. These websites give assess software programs’ performance and ease of use. They also include in their reviews information such as software price, licensing, and version. To search for a free burner in these websites, browse their websites, and find the free software category. Read the burners’ review and download one of the burners that had received a satisfactory mark.
  • Torrent websites. Before you raise your eyebrows on this, be informed that merely using a torrent website doesn’t mean you’ve violated copyright laws. You only commit copyright infringement if you access or use a file whose copyright doesn’t allow you to do so. However, if you access or use freeware, a software program that is distributed for free, you don’t have anything to worry about. Just don’t take advantage of freeware software programs by selling them to others. This violates copyright and is a sure recipe for trouble. To search for a free burner in torrent websites, download first a free torrent downloader like uTorrent and install it. Next, go to a torrent website and type in “free DVD Blu-Ray CD burner” or other similar keywords on its search box. Click on one of the links returned by the search engine and read carefully the burner’s description. This is important to make sure that you are really downloading a freeware. If available, read the comments given by other people who have downloaded the burner to know about the burner’s performance. Download the burner by clicking on the “download torrent” link. Your torrent will be automatically downloaded by the torrent downloader. You can see the download progress of your torrent by opening your torrent downloader. When the torrent has finished downloading, browse your computer for it. Click on it and follow the instructions for installing the burner.

Although burners are easy to use and their menus can guide you through the whole copying process, it is still a good idea to read their manuals. Taking time to browse through a burner’s manual will enable you to optimize the performance of the burner as well as know its advance features.


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