How To Get Internet Service from Direct Way

Accessing the Internet takes time when you are using an ordinary dial-up connection.  This relies too much on telephone or cable lines and you have to connect first to your server using busy connections.  Worse, any maintenance job on these lines will surely interrupt your connection.  Being vulnerable to damage, this can happen quite often.  The solution for this is to have your Internet service from Direct Way.  This is a satellite Internet service, which means that you will need a satellite dish as a receiver and transmitter.  Since this is a wireless connection, you will certainly have fewer chances of service interruptions.

This method of having access to the Internet is even more advantageous if you happen to live quite far from population centers.  The more remote your place is, the bigger the possibility that phone and cable lines no longer reach there.  With this wireless Internet access, you will have no need of going to an Internet café to browse the web or send an email.  The direct setup of your Internet service is easy to accomplish.  Below are the steps you can make to have your Internet connection finally.

  1. You may find it necessary to know first how much you are going to spend for the service.  This can be done easily without having to direct write the service provider.  Once you get to its web site, you will find a real-time quote engine there.  Just key in the required data in it and you will instantly be informed of the rates.
  2. If you have made up your mind in getting its service, you can call a toll-free number they have provided and talk with one of their representatives.  They may ask you for more details about yourself and your location. The method of payment will also be discussed during the call.
  3. After the company approves your request, you will receive a kit for your wireless Internet connection.  This will include a satellite dish and a modem. Read the instructions carefully on how these are installed.  The very first thing you should install is the satellite dish. Find a good location for it, where the dish is direct pointing to the southern sky.
  4. If you are already a Direct Way subscriber, then you will only need a direct splitter, which you will connect to your PC from the set-top box provided by the satellite cable TV company.  This is a form of direct networking, using the satellite TV subscription for your Internet service.

Connect the satellite dish cable to the modem.  Put the modem close to your PC so that you can easily make adjustments if necessary.  Besides, this is quite a sensitive piece of equipment and it is good that it is always within your sight.  When all is set and you have connected your PC to the modem, you can already access the Internet with the service provided by Direct Way. 


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