How To Get Into Windows Vista if You Forgot Your Password

Forgetting your own Windows Vista password is something that you must not allow to happen to yourself. However, things like this happen for one reason or another. Good thing that certain things can be done to access the system even if you do not know the password anymore. Hence, this unfortunate event is not a thing to be worried and feared about. Here, check out these ways on how you can still get into Windows Vista even if you have forgotten the password:

Keep on remembering the password. Do not just lose hope about you not remembering what the password is. Think about everything about you that can be in relation to your Vista password such as birthday, name, important dates, favorite things, and the like. If you concentrate enough, you will probably remember the password. However, if you have just given up on your memory, proceed to the other steps.

Use the administrator account to get into the system. It is always possible to reset the computer’s password through the administrator account of the computer. So contact the administrator and let him do the password reset for you. However, what if you are the administrator? Don't fret, check out the next steps.

Get help from a password recovery tool.  There are a lot of programs in the market these days that can help you recover your password. The process will be as easy as downloading the program and allowing it to find the password for you. Most of these programs can be downloaded and used for free.
Reinstall the Windows Vista system. Another way to help you get into the system without a password is reinstalling Windows. This is the easiest thing you can do without the hassle of remembering, recovering, or resetting the password.

Use password reset disk. If you are lucky enough that you have made a reset disk before, you are not much in a trouble here. The process is as simple as clicking the "forgot password" link on the log-in page and then inserting the reset disk. Here are the steps on how you can create a reset disk to help you in the future if you do not have one yet:

  • Open the computer's Control Panel. Access the Control Panel through the Start button or through the My Computer icon in the desktop.
  • Choose the necessary categories. Once in Control Panel, click on the icon stating "User Accounts and Family Safety." When the next screen is populated, choose User Accounts.
  • Create your own reset disk. Get a CD, floppy disk, or USB flash drive to save the program. Create the link "Create a password reset disk." Continue the process and enter the current password you are using. Upon the completion of the disk, remove the CD, floppy, or flash drive and keep it somewhere that is safe. This disk will come in handy every time you forget the password.

Forgetting your password for Windows Vista is not the end of your computer life. With the above-mentioned tips, it will be easy for you to get into the system even if your memory keeps on failing you.


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