How To Get Microsoft Fonts

When creating documents for presentations, brochures or other materials, often the way your words look speaks as loudly as what the words actually say. If the standard fonts just aren’t working for you or you don’t have Microsoft Office but need their fonts, then consider adding additional fonts. Follow these steps and you can get Microsoft fonts to download to your computer.

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  1. Decide what font style you are looking for. There are hundreds of font options online and available through Microsoft and their vendors. These fonts also can be altered for different looks using Boldface or Italic adjustments to the core font. To find the needle in this very large haystack, you need to know what style you are looking for.
  2. Upgrade to the Microsoft Vista operating system. Vista offers several additional font styles, as does an additional upgrade to Vista premium. Consider how often your will need the variety of fonts as well as computer compatibility requirements when deciding whether to upgrade or not.
  3. Go directly to Microsoft for licensed fonts. Microsoft offers additional fonts through Microsoft publisher or through links to font providers. If Microsoft doesn’t offer the additional fonts you need, then head to their typography site for links to other free providers of true type fonts.
  4. Download the font. Follow the provider’s instructions for loading the font to your computer and the software you will be using to create your documents using the font.
  5. Install the downloaded font. Just because you download a font doesn’t mean you can use it. First you have to install the font. If you will be using the font on multiple computers, you need to install the font on each machine individually or you will not be able to share the document. Microsoft Office chooses the closest font if the real font is not installed on the computer you are using.
  6. Use the font in your documents. Once you have downloaded and installed the fonts, you will be able to use the fonts in your documents. Experiment with styles to make visually appealing messages and designs.

Getting Microsoft fonts is easy. Once you know what you are looking for, you can head directly to Microsoft to get what you need. Just be sure to follow the install and usage directions.


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