How To Get More Twitter Friends

Twitter is a platform that you can use in order to update your friends on what’s happening or to be updated on what your friends are up to. The problem is, it’s not as fun using Twitter if you do not have enough friends to share your life with. If you want to get more friends on Twitter, follow the tips that are provided below.

Here are some of the tips that you can use if you want to get more Twitter friends:

  • Advertise your Twitter. Some of your friends and family might not even know that you have a Twitter account. Attach your Twitter address on your email signature or let your friends know through your other social accounts that you are using Twitter. You might even be able to convince some people who do not have an account yet to join. Tell them to follow you on Twitter so that you can have more friends.
  • Search for interests. Another thing that you can do is to search Twitter for some users who share the same interests as you do. Just use the search field provided when you log on to your Twitter account. Type in some keywords and a list of users will be shown. Browse through the results and see which ones you are interested in adding as a friend. They will most likely follow your Twitter too if they see that you followed them.
  • Use message boards. If you are online a lot, you might be a member on some websites that have bulletin boards. This is your chance to get more Twitter friends. Tell them that you have a Twitter account that they might be interested in checking. You will gain more friends when you do this.

There are also some websites that you can use in order to get more followers that you can follow too and become your Twitter friend. Visit the websites listed below.

  • Twitter Local – Twitter Local is a website that you can use if you want to find Twitter friends. Just choose one of the keywords that they have and you will see a list of users relevant to your search. Some of the keywords they have are doctors, jewelry, hospital, video and many more. The website is easy to use. Search their database to get more friends.
  • Mr. Tweet – Mr. Tweet is a helpful tool to find other Twitter users who you might want to follow or become your friend. It examines your Twitter account in order to generate a list of users who you might be interested in. Visit the website to know more about how to use Mr. Tweet.

These are some of the tips that you can use if you want more Twitter friends. If you plan to advertise your Twitter to several websites, be sure that you are not spamming or flooding message boards. This can be annoying and you might not get more friends on Twitter.


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