How To Get Started with Dragon Naturally Speaking Software

Dragon Naturally Speaking is voice recognition software that uses a minimal visual interface. By dictating to your computer, the program will transcribe your words into written texts, thereby allowing you freedom to complete your writing tasks faster and easier compared to typing them using the keyboard. To help you get started with Dragon Naturally Speaking software, the following steps are suggested:

  1. Install your Dragon Naturally Speaking software. Ensure that you comply with the system requirements as indicated in the user’s manual, otherwise the Dragon Software will not function properly. Note that Dragon Naturally Speaking will not install on a computer with a processor of below 1GHz CPU speed. Activate the software right after installing it. This requires an internet connection for the product serial number. The internet connection is also very necessary for automatic updates.
  2. Do initial training and adjustments. This involves reading a list of words for several minutes to enhance voice recognition and accuracy. The wizard will help you through the process of setting up your microphone and how to use the type of microphone you are using, whether a headset, a handheld, or an array microphone. Here you will calibrate the software to the volume and sound quality of your microphone.
  3. Go through the tutorials in order to avoid frustration when you start using the software. The tutorials provided include a trial demonstration and will help you learn applicable commands. Here you will let Dragon Naturally Speaking adapt to your writing style so as to enhance total recognition and accuracy when you dictate.
  4. Enjoy using the software at work to accomplish your documents and reports, write memos, browse the internet, and send emails and instant messages faster than you would by typing them out on your computer. 

Dragon Naturally Speaking is the ideal voice recognition software for multi-tasking. While you dictate to your computer, you have the freedom and mobility to do other things, as your computer needs only your voice to do the documentation task for you. With the use of your wireless or Bluetooth headset, you can accomplish more than one task at a time.  Moreover, mobility, speed, and convenience are not the only benefits you get from this software. Dragon Naturally Speaking provides 99% accurate results, which is proven by many professionals who have already used this product.

If your job involves a lot of writing but also requires you to travel or multi-task, you can start browsing through several solutions provided by Dragon Naturally Speaking that could work best for you. Some of the available solutions are: Dragon Professional, which is designed for busy corporate individuals; Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred – intended for small businesses and advanced computer users; Dragon Medical providing solutions for physicians and individuals in the health industry; and Dragon software for legal communities, which provides a preconfigured legal vocabulary with over 30,000 legal terms and phrases, legal citations, and templates for legal documents. For personal use, you can enjoy the features of the Standard software, which is easy to use in virtually any Windows application.


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