How To Get Traffic

Ensuring your new website gets lots of visitors is a task which requires some work. It is not enough to design a hip and happening website and then sit back and wait for traffic to visit your site. There are millions of websites on the internet and unless you advertise and let people know, no one will be even aware that your website exists. Just as you would market your goods and services in real-time, advertising your creations online is equally important and necessary. There are some simple ways in which you can increase the number of visitors who access your website and then keep coming back for more. Want to find out how to do this? Then, read on...

Step 1

Simple methods. First, the easy and simple ways by which you can increase traffic - tell all your family, friends, colleagues and all other contacts about your website. Give them the link and encourage them to visit and leave comments on what they think about it. If you have a professional or social profile on sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook, provide the link to your website with your profile. This way, everyone who takes a look at your profile will also be tempted to check out your website. Add the URL to your website in the signature portion of every email or post you send out.

Step 2

Search engines. Submit the links to your website to various search engines such as Google, MSN, etc. However, to make your website stand out and be thrown up when people enter search criteria, firstly have unique and creative content, make it keyword or key-phrase rich so that most search criteria will pick up the relevant links and throw up your website in the first few pages of the search. There are many more complex methods by which you can increase the ranking of your website but those will take time and money which you may not be able to afford. For a beginning, what's suggested above is sufficient.

Step 3

Commenting on blogs. Another way to advertise your website is to visit blogs which have similar or relevant content as your website. Leave comments on the topics being discussed, make sure they are original, unique and thoughtful and add a link to your website along with the comment. If people find your comments interesting, they will link to your website, which brings us to the subject of fresh content.

Step 4

Refreshing and changing content. Keep changing or refreshing the information on your website, provide teasers for upcoming features or topics to get repeat traffic. The more people like the content you have to offer, the more they will pass on the word to their contacts and you reap the benefits of increased traffic.

Step 5

Other methods. A few other methods to increase traffic to your website - submit articles to ezines, newsletters and article directories. Create your own blog and write on interesting and eye-catching subjects. Exchange links with like-minded website owners, a sort of quid pro quo. Other places to advertise include chat rooms, news groups, discussion forums and traffic exchanges. You can also advertise the site in free classified ad sites such as Craiglist; enroll in free safelists, etc.

There is no end to the number of ways you can advertise your website and get increased traffic. Remember the basic rule though - keep the content fresh, original and unique. Your imagination and creativity can be the only limits stopping you from getting volumes of traffic!


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