How To Get Trained in Quick Book

Quick Book is an accounting program that is used by most businesses. There are different versions of Quick Book programs. There is a version for personal use and for business use. This program is easy to learn and use, even if you do not have a background in accounting. The program will aid you in keeping track of all your business transactions, inventory, salaries of the employees and much more. It is easy to use Quick Book once you have already learned the basics.

Here are some websites where you can get trained to use the Quick Book accounting software:

  1. - You can get trained in using the Quick Book software by going to this website and enrolling in different programs that will help you. You can choose from 6 Quick Book training methods.  The first one is through a local Quick Book expert. The second one is for the set-up of the program and the training services. This training will cost you a minimum of $99.00. The third is the instructor-led classes, for a minimum of $389.95. The fourth is self-paced learning for a minimum of $39.95. The fifth is student and educators for a minimum of $36.95. The last training package is the certified user program for a minimum of $49.95.
  2. – This is the website for the Universal Accounting Center. It is a training school that has been in service since 1979. There are Quick Book training guides that are available on the website. You can purchase the Quick Book learning package that comes with a program book for Quick Book, discs of videos on how to use Quick Book, and other guides. You can learn about the different advantages you will have when you purchase this Quick Book training kit from the website.
  3. - This is another website that offers training courses for Quick Book. All you have to do is to provide your e-mail address, and the training course will be sent to you. You can learn how to set up Quick Books on your computer and how to use it to help in your business. They also have instructions on how to install the Quick Books software on your computer.
  4. – This website offers a free training course for learning the Quick Book accounting software. You just have to provide your e-mail address. Some of the items that you will learn are customizing the program to suit your needs, pro tips on saving time, shortcuts, set up of your inventory and a lot more. You will also learn different techniques, such as advanced sales, advanced reports and enterprise purchases.

These are some of the websites where you can find Quick Book training programs. It is best to use the training package from the software’s developer so that you are sure that it is legitimate. The packages may be expensive, but you will learn a lot by attending the training programs and classes, and you will get your money’s worth. 


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