How To Get Wireless Internet on an Old Computer

Using an old computer

The Internet is by far one of our greatest commodities. With it, we can conference with people half way across the world, watch videos online, and download all sorts of information. With the innovation of wireless Internet, one attains the power to setup a connection to the Internet from anywhere in reach of the wireless signal.

Some older computer PCs don't come with the support for wireless Internet. Here's how you can get wireless Internet service for an old computer.

Step 1

Know what's in your computer. There are different solutions to different scenarios so make sure you know yours! Check your computer for USB ports or PCI expansionary slots. If you're not sure how to do this, simply type your computer model in a search engine and review the hardware specifications at the manufacturer's webpage.

Step 2

Examine your options (USB). If you decide to go down the USB route, you will need to purchase a USB wireless network adapter (which is about $40-$50 full price).

The installation is quite simple:

  • Plug your network adapter into your USB port.
  • Make sure you're in range of a wireless Internet signal.
  • Connect to your network.

Examine your options (PCI). If you went down the PCI route then you would have to purchase a PCI wireless network adapter (which is around $27-$30). This way may be cheaper but it requires a little computer expertise to pull it off.

The installation is as follows:

  • Dismantle the shell of your computer (make sure it's off first!)
  • Insert your network adapter into a vacant PCI slot
  • Reassemble the shell of your computer
  • Power-on your computer
  • Make sure you're in range of a wireless Internet signal
  • Connect to your network

Step 3

Enjoy! Pat yourself on the back. You did it!

If you are having trouble with your network adapters after they've been installed, be sure to download the latest updates. This should fix buggy errors.


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