How To Get Your Articles More Views and Traffic

Writing for online writing sites such as eHow, Helium, Associated Content, and Bukisa can be financially rewarding if you know how to increase your page views. Here are some tips on how you can get more traffic and page views for your articles in online writing sites:

Write on current and interesting topics. Some writers just write on any topic they want without a care on who will want to read those articles. You do no want to be that kind of writer. To get fresh and current ideas for your articles, use Yahoo! Buzz Index, AOL Hot Searches, and Google Trends. These tools rank the most searched for topics on the Internet daily. Use these as a guide to writing your next article.

Also, make sure to write about seasonal topics in advance. For example, Easter only comes once a year and topics about Easter tend to get searched for the most a week or two before the day comes. Some popular topics for Easter are Easter recipes, gifts, crafts and poems. Write about these topics two weeks before Easter and you're bound to get more page views and traffic.

Use the right keywords in your articles. When writing articles, make sure that it contains keywords that Internet users are looking for, otherwise it will be pretty useless to publish it. Having the right keywords in your article increases the chances that the search engines like Google and Yahoo will index your article.

Generate buzz for your articles using social networking sites. Some social networking sites like MySpace and Friendster allow you to post bulletins. Make a daily or weekly bulletin post about the articles you have written in online writing sites and do not forget to include links to those articles.

For users of Facebook and Twitter, you can immediately share a link of your article and your friends and followers will be informed instantly about it. All they have to do is click on that link and they will be directed to your article. That's a page view for you!

Utilize the power of social bookmarking. Social bookmarks essentially put your articles out there for their members to see and read. Digg,com,, Stumble Upon, Technorati, and Mixx are just a few of the most popular social bookmarking sites that you can use to make sure that people hear about your articles and read them.

Participate in online forums. Social networking sites and niche web sites have online and discussion groups where you can join threads and make comments. Join in discussions on topics that you write about and include links to your articles. If you are a credible forum participant, there is a huge possibility that other participants will click on that link.

It does not take a rocket scientist to help you generate more page views and traffic for your articles. Try to follow the tips mentioned above and see how it affects your articles' page views and traffic.


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